Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!

Happy Thanksgiving from Disney Avenue!!! I think the picture above says it all. Have a wonderful day everyone!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Major Avatarland Rumor

Hello everyone and sorry for the little delay in posts. Well, life really does fly by. I'm now married and had one of the most fantastic honeymoons ever at Walt Disney World. While there a little bird told me what WDI has in store for Avatarland, or should I say ride through. Continue after the page break and see what I found out...

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

REMEMBERing: Opening October 1971

In anticipation of my beautiful fiance's and I's wedding nine short days away and our sure-to-be fantastic honeymoon in Disney World to follow, I figure today would be a perfect opportunity to remember Disney World's opening and early years. Join us after the page break and let's take a look...

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

EPCOT 30th Anniversary D23 Presentations

If you're like me you may have been a little depressed yesterday because you weren't able to join in all the amazing EPCOT 30th anniversary celebrations happening around the park. Well I have the perfect Prozac-like fix for you! Continue after the page break for all the fantastic panels that went on in celebration of 30 amazing years of EPCOT...

Monday, October 1, 2012

EPCOT: 30th Anniversary

Today EPCOT celebrates 30 magical years and Disney Avenue would like to join in the celebration. Continue after the page break for some history, photos, videos and more in honor of EPCOT's 30th Anniversary...

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Behind the Scenes with Danny Kaye and the Opening of EPCOT Center

Jim Korkis recently did a wonderful piece on Danny Kaye and the opening of EPCOT. Good ol' Danny wasn't all laughs and smiles it seems behind camera. Continue after the page break and have a look...

Friday, September 21, 2012

A Fantastic Look Inside Imagineering

Going inside of Disney's Imagineering building is a rare occurrence. Thanks to the recent Maker Camp, today we get a rare look inside. Continue after the page break and have a look...

Sunday, September 16, 2012

The "World" That Roy Built

It was a sunny, crisp October day in Florida, thousands were gathered and anxiously awaiting to see what the Disney brother's second park had to offer. Roy O. Disney, at 78 years old and brother of the amazing Walt Disney who had died nearly five years earlier, stood stiffly next to the flagpole in the town square of Main Street U.S.A. with Mickey Mouse clenching his hand and standing by his side. Mickey was perhaps the next best thing to his late brother standing next to him and even allowed him to take the stage. You see just moments before, Roy sat on a bench as the clock was ticking for the dedication ceremony to start.

The park needed to be dedicated on live TV, but Roy wouldn't get up. "I can't do this without my brother" he was overheard saying. A cast member thinking quickly ran to get Mickey Mouse. Eventually Roy took Mickey's hand, walked on stage, and in his strong Midwestern accent and tenor voice, he read off the dedication plaque: “Walt Disney World is a tribute to the philosophy and life of Walter Elias Disney…”

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Disney's Biggest Fan?

For years George Reiger filled a gaping hole in his heart with a love for all things Disney. He's collected several thousands pieces of Disney memorabilia ;and he even had 2,200 individual Disney-related tattoos inked on his body. Is George Reiger Disney's biggest fan? Continue after the page break and you decide...

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Walt Disney's New Tomorrowland 67'

Walt Disney was known for his futurist views and, through his television programs, showed the American public how the world was moving into the future. Tomorrowland was the realized culmination of his views. Walt once stated: "Tomorrow can be a wonderful age. Our scientists today are opening the doors of the Space Age to achievements that will benefit our children and generations to come. The Tomorrowland attractions have been designed to give you an opportunity to participate in adventures that are a living blueprint of our future." Continue after the page break for a look back at the most exciting celebration since Disneyland’s opening day July 17, 1955...Walt Disney's New Tomorrowland 67'....

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Making of: Rock'n'Roller Coaster


Rock 'n' Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith is an enclosed steel roller coaster ride at Disney's Hollywood Studios at the Walt Disney World Resort and at the Walt Disney Studios Park in Disneyland Paris. The Florida attraction opened on July 29, 1999 and is located at the end of Sunset Boulevard, next to The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror attraction. Rock 'n' Roller Coaster is the ride that finally shunned the princess loving meet and greet goers and allowed the adrenaline junkies to put the "petal to the metal" quite literally. Continue after the page break for the Making of: Rock 'n' Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith...

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Bells Will Be Ringing!!!

First, I would like to apologize for not having posted anything in awhile; I started a new job recently and have been extremely busy. I have gotten settled in and will be back to my normal 3 posts a week schedule so thanks for checking in from time to time! Its true folks, my fiancé and I have finally set a date to tie the knot! Guess where our honeymoon will be...Disney World of course. We are getting married this October and I have been trying to arrange something unique and special for us while on our honeymoon in the kingdom. I would love some feedback from you guys on ideas. Have you honeymooned at Disney World and, if so, what was special about your trip? Did Disney do anything out of the ordinary for you? Did you spend an evening at a fancy restaurant or location? I would love any and all feedback, stories, and ideas so please leave comments below! Only 2 more months to go...we can't wait!! New posts will continue on schedule tomorrow...Thanks and I look forward to your comments!!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Making of: Castaway Cay

Castaway Cay is a private island in the Bahamas which serves as an exclusive port for the Disney Cruise ships. Today we take a peek a the Making of: Disney's Castaway Cay...

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Fendertones - Monkeys Uncle

Former Imagineer Mark Hickson, whom I had the privilege to interview here on Disney Avenue, recently featured a video on his site that I found very entertaining. A group called The Fendertones did a remake of Annette Funicello and The Beach Boys song called The Monkey's Uncle that some of you may remember from back in the day. Continue after the break and check it out...

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Today Show Presents Epcot Center 1982

Travel back to 1982 for a segment The Today Show did for the opening of Epcot Center. Hope you enjoy!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Flying Dragons In The Sky!!!

A flying dragon has recently been spotted flying over the Shafter-Minter Field airport in California. The mechanical flying beast is one of the newest creations that has come to light out of Walt Disney Imagineering, being tested for about 2 hours straight north of their Glendale, California headquarters. Continue after the page break for more details...

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Making of: Spaceship Earth

Spaceship Earth is the iconic and symbolic structure of Epcot and is one of the most recognizable structures at the Walt Disney World Resort. It is not only the centerpiece and main focal point of Epcot, but also the name of the attraction housed within the 18-story geodesic sphere that takes guests on a time machine themed experience using the Omnimover system. The 13-minute dark ride shows guests how advancements in human communication have helped to create the future one step at a time. The attraction is a timeline from the origins of prehistoric man to the dawn of the 21st century, where guests can then create a future for themselves. Join me now for the making of Spaceship Earth...

Saturday, June 23, 2012

A True Disney Legend: John Hench

John Hench was Walt Disney's Renaissance artist. He was an Imagineer, philosopher, animator, designer, storyteller, voracious reader of 52 magazines a month, and an excellent teacher. John was an employee of Walt's for more than sixty-five years, an exceptionally long tenure which saw the rise of nearly every Disney animated feature and theme park. Continue after the page break for a look at one of the most storied Disney careers ever...

Monday, June 18, 2012

The Mickey Mouse Club Story

The Mickey Mouse Club was an American variety television show produced by Walt Disney Productions that ran from 1955 to 1996. It was first televised from 1955 to 1959 on ABC, featuring a regular but ever-changing cast of teenage performers. The Mickey Mouse Club was created by Walt Disney and has been revived, reformatted and reimagined several times since its initial 1955–1959 run on ABC, first in 1977 for syndication and later (1989-95) for seven seasons on the Disney Channel. Continue after the page break for a closer look at Walt Disney's original Mickey Mouse Club...

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Walt Disney World...a musical souvenir

This past Wednesday I posted a Main Street, USA music loop for 2012. Well, shortly after doing so I came across one of the most fantastic, Disney fan created music loops ever constructed using WDW 1970's music loops. Continue after the page break for a truly magical discovery of a Disney fan's creation...

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Sounds of Main Street, U.S.A.

One of the best things about returning to Disneyland or the Magic Kingdom and walking down Main Street, U.S.A. is the music that fills the air. Continue after the page break as I have the perfect place to listen and enjoy the sounds of Main Street...

Monday, June 11, 2012

Walt Disney's Life Through Pictures

***Recently Added 9 New Photos***
Today I would like to repost a very popular article with 9 newly added photos that I would like to share with you. These are some of my absolute favorite photos of Walt Disney that were taken over his wonderful life and even a short video tribute. Continue after the page break and have a look...

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Making of: Carousel of Progress

The Carousel of Progress was created in a time when hope for the future was stronger than it is today. This wonderful, vintage attraction has Walt Disney written all over it, and, in fact, currently operates under the name Walt Disney's Carousel of Progress. Created by both Walt Disney and his WED Enterprises as the prime feature of the General Electric Pavilion for the 1964 New York World's Fair, the attraction was moved to Tomorrowland in Disneyland, where it remained from 1967 until 1973. It was replaced in Disneyland by America Sings in 1974, and reopened in its present home at the Magic Kingdom in 1975. Continue after the page break for a look back at the ride Walt loved so dearly, the Carousel of Progress.... 

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Walt Disney World: A Real Modern Marvel

If you are like me, then you love seeing how things are constructed and how they work. The History Channel has a wonderful show called "Modern Marvels" that does just that. I don't know how they could have such a show and not feature Walt Disney World, as its perhaps the world's best modern marvel. The producers must have agreed because there is a show solely focused on WDW. Continue after the page break and let's journey underground and backstage at the technological marvel that is Walt Disney World...

Friday, June 1, 2012


Horizons, perhaps one of the most beloved and missed attractions ever, was the name of a dark ride attraction at Epcot (then known as EPCOT Center). Located on the eastern side of the "Future World" section of Epcot, the attraction used Disney's Omnimover conveyance system, which took guests past show scenes depicting visions of the future. It is believed to be the sequel to Walt Disney's Carousel of Progress, an attraction in Tomorrowland at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom. Horizons was the only attraction in "Future World" to showcase all of Epcot's "Future World" elements: communication, community interaction, energy, transportation, anatomy, physiology, along with man's relationship to the sea, land, air, and space. Continue after the page break for a step into the past and look back at possibly one of the best Disney dark rides of all time...

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Walt's Appartment

As Disneyland was being constructed, Walt Disney wanted a place that he and his family could stay and watch all the activity. Walt had a special apartment built on the second floor of the Main Street Firehouse. The elegant apartment was private and hidden from the rest of Disneyland, it was the perfect place for Walt to do quiet work, or enjoy with his family. Continue after the page break for a wonderful look into Walt's home away from home...

Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day...Thank You

To all the men and women who have sacrificed their lives so that we may be free...THANK YOU!!! God Bless You and God Bless AMERICA!!!

Memorial Day Poem by Michelle Keim

As we stand here looking
At the flags upon these graves
Know these flags represent
A few of the true American brave

They fought for their Country
As man has through all of time
Except that these soldiers lying here
Fought for your country and mine

As we all are gathered here
To pay them our respect
Let's pass this word to others
It's what they would expect

I'm sure that they would do it
If it were me or you
To show we did not die in vein
But for the red, white and blue.

Let's pass on to our children
And to those who never knew
What these soldiers died for
It's the least we can do

Let's not forget their families
Great pain they had to bear
Losing a son, father or husband
They need to know we still care

No matter which war was fought
On the day that they died
I stand here looking at these flags
Filled with American pride.

So as the bugler plays out Taps
With its sweet and eerie sound
Pray for these soldiers lying here
In this sacred, hallowed ground.

Take home with you a sense of pride
You were here Memorial Day.
Celebrating the way Americans should
On this solemnest of days.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Walt Disney's Last Filmed Appearance

Many people believe that Walt's last filmed appearance was when he was discussing EPCOT and the Florida Project. I'm told the picture above was Walt's last time being photographed in Disneyland. Continue after the page break for a short video on Walt Disney's last filmed appearance...

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Roy O. Disney

Many things have been said about Walt Disney and his accomplishments. Behind those accomplishments was a steady, measured, dedicated and brilliant man: Walt’s older brother Roy. While Walt was the creative man, Roy was the one who made sure the company was financially stable; Roy and Walt both founded Disney Studios as brothers and I believe without either one the Disney Enterprise would never have become what it is today. Continue after the page break for the wonderful life of Roy O. Disney...

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Marc Davis

Animator, artist, Imagineer are just a few words used to describe Disney superstar Marc Davis. Marc dedicated his creative genius and his life's work to helping Walt Disney realize his dreams, ranging from perfecting the animated story to creating the world's first theme park, Disneyland. About his years at Disney, Marc once said, "I rarely felt confined to the animation medium. I worked as an idea man and loved creating characters, whether they be for animation or any other medium." Continue after the page break for more on the great Marc Davis...

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful Moms from all of us here at Disney Avenue!!! Continue after the page break for a Disney Mother's Day tribute...

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Making of: New Orleans Square

"Disneyland has always had a Big River and a Mississippi sternwheeler. It made sense to build a new attraction at the bend of the river, and so New Orleans Square came into being - a New Orleans of a century ago when she was the 'Gay Paree' of the American frontier." said Walt at the dedication of his brand new New Orleans Square. Being that I'm from the actual New Orleans I have a special appreciation that my unique city enthralled Walt to add a part of it in his park. The city of New Orleans influenced Walt tremendously and continues to do the same to the company he created today. Continue after the page break for a closer look at the creation of New Orleans Square...

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Disney Documentary Hour: Shoot for the Moon

Today I would like to return to our Disney Documentary Hour segment. In 1995 the BBC made a documentary about the creation of Disneyland Paris' version of Space Mountain, called "Shoot For The Moon". It was a fascinating 44 minute program, following Tim Delaney and his team in bringing Jules Vernes' "From The Earth To The Moon" book to life. The documentary shows the whole development of the attraction, from conception, to construction, up to testing and fine tuning leading up to the final version of the attraction. One of my favorite parts of the film is when a problem arises with the attraction close to opening and we see Tom Delaney speaking with Marty Sklar, who was one of the top Imagineering executives at the time, and we see how they eventually work it out. Continue after the page break for a wonderful, behind the scenes look on how Disneyland Paris' Space Mountain came to life...

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Marvelous to Mediocre: ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter

ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter, or just Alien Encounter for short, was a "theater-in-the-round" attraction co-created by George Lucas and located in the Tomorrowland section of the Magic Kingdom found only at Walt Disney World Resort. It was a darkly humorous science-fiction experience that used binaural sound to achieve many of its effects and it was simply a MARVELOUS attraction! Sadly, it has been replaced by Stitch's Great Escape! For all of you who love the original attraction continue after the page break and let us reminisce...

Sunday, April 29, 2012

La taniere du Dragon (Dragon's Lair)

La taniere du Dragon, or Dragon's Lair, is an amazing Imagineering feat. Under the beautiful Le Château de la Belle au Bois Dormant,  or Sleeping Beauty Castle, at Disneyland Paris rests a defeated dragon. Continue after the page break for a closer look...

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Making of: Disney-MGM Studios

May 1, 1989 was the day Disney-MGM Studios, now Disney's Hollywood Studios, opened it's gates to the world. It was the first park that the new Disney CEO Michael Eisner had his hand in. It also lead the way of a whole new era for the company known as the Disney Decade. Being that the park's 23rd Anniversary is approaching I think its a good time to see how it was made and learn 20 secrets that I found pretty interesting. Continue after the page break and let's have a look...

Monday, April 23, 2012

Disney Documentary Hour: DISNEYLAND, Secrets, Stories & Magic

Today I want to start a brand new segment here on Disney Avenue called Disney Documentary Hour. This new segment will feature wonderful Disney documentaries for you to enjoy. We will begin with the Walt Disney Treasures documentary DISNEYLAND, Secrets, Stories & Magic which has to be one of the absolute best Disneyland films ever produced or at least in my opinion. 50,000 copies were produced and it is no longer for sale so copies on Amazon and eBay can get expensive. Today we can see it for free, rite here on Disney Avenue; so get comfy, grab some popcorn and a drink and let's have a look...

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Making of: Disneyland Paris

Today is Disneyland Paris 20th Anniversary and I figured what better time to show you a wonderful video of the beautiful castle and Main Street being constructed then now. I'd also like to talk a little about the resorts lead designer, Imagineer Tony Baxter. Continue after the page break and lets have a look...

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Making of: The Haunted Mansion

The Haunted Mansion is quite possibly one of the most famous and beloved Disney attractions that exist today. Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion went through several changes during its long creation. Prior to its opening on August 9, 1969, eighteen years had gone by since the original 1951 black-and-white sketch by Disney Legend Harper Goff that featured a scary, dilapidated house placed on a hill top looking down onto Main Street. Walt wanted artist Ken Anderson to fully develop his concept of a Ghost house for his park during the mid-1950s. By late 1957, Anderson had completed a full script and map for what would become, or so he thought, a very scary walk-through that was to be located in the future New Orleans Square. Continue after the page break for the story and some great videos...

Saturday, April 7, 2012

DreamFinder Travel... The Only Way To Go!!!

I just wanted to inform everyone about the most AMAZING Disney travel company on planet Earth... DreamFinder Travel!!! I recently posted their site link at the top right corner of our blog. Many of you may or may not know that using a fantastic travel company like DreamFinder Travel to plain your next Disney vacation comes at NO extra cost to you. In fact, the extremely friendly people at DreamFinder Travel are huge Disney fans just like ourselves. I'll let Sue Ellen explain the perks of using DreamFinder Travel next time your ready to vacation with the Mouse!! Continue after the page break for more interesting facts about planning your next Disney vacation...

Monday, April 2, 2012

The Legend of the Hat Box Ghost

I'm sure most of you know that the Hatbox Ghost was a character that originally was part of Disneyland's Haunted Mansion but was removed after the attraction's debut. It was located formerly in the rides attic scene, the figure is described as "an elderly ghost in a cloak and top hat, leaning on a cane with a wavering hand and clutching a hatbox in the other." Continue after the page break for some more info and a intriguing video!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Making of: Walt Disney World

I absolutely LOVE old Disney construction footage and I consistently search high and low for some. I came across a few videos recently of the Magic Kingdom and the Contemporary Resort. Come on in and have a look!!!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Few Questions With: Rolly Crump

Today I am returning to the popular A Few Questions With segment as I recently got in touch with my favorite Disney Legend and past Imagineer Rolly Crump. Here is a quick biography of Rolly from the Disney Legend website:

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Walt Disney: What a Life!!!

Recently, I attempted to find out what it was like the day Walt died; not just for his company but for the entire world. I came across this New York Times article from December 16, 1966. I think it gives a great look into Walt’s life and thought I should share it with all of you. It also shows us what projects Walt was working on rite before his passing. What an amazing life this man had and this article clearly puts this into prospective. It starts off a little dreary as it states Walt’s passing but yet I came away enlightened and proud of the life Walt lead and how it continues to touch the hearts of people today. I hope you come away with the same enlightened feeling I had, and who knows, you might even learn a thing or two about one of the world’s most amazing journeys through life!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Few Questions With: Jack Lindquist

Today I am going to return to my A Few Questions With segment here on Disney Avenue. I recently was able to send a questionnaire to Disney Legend Jack Lindquist, Disneyland’s very first President. Jack started with the Disney Company and for Walt in 1955, two short months after Disneyland opened, to become the Park’s first advertising manager. Jack eventually worked his way up until, to Jack’s surprise; he was made President of Disneyland in 1988 by Michael Eisner. He eventually retired after 38 years with Disney and was honored with a window on Main Street, USA, and then became a Disney Legend in 1994.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Pretty Darn Cool!!!

Hey folks, I really hope everyone is enjoying the new site. I will be posting new and interesting things daily. Today I want to share with you guys a really interesting video I came across. It's from a 1978 Walt Disney World Christmas Special and features a Shields and Yarnell skit called "The Clinkers". I find it sooo cheesie and entertaining all at the same time. Take a look:

Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Few Questions With: Mark Hickson

By Keith Mahne

Welcome to Disney Avenue's new segment titled A Few Questions With… This week I had the amazing opportunity to send a questionnaire to former Disney Imagineer Mark Hickson. Mark wanted to become an Imagineer his whole life and one day his dream came true by the arrival of a card with the WDI Mickey on it that simply stated, “We want to talk to you.” The rest was history and Mark became a member of Walt Disney Imagineering. Mark’s work as an Imagineer included several projects at WDW, Tokyo Disneyland, Disneyland, and other special projects like Disney Broadway Productions. Mark also has his own website,, packed with wonderful pictures, videos, and stories that make it one of the best Disney blogs on the internet. I would like to thank Mark for agreeing to answer my questions and I hope you find his answers as interesting as I did. And now A Few Questions with Mark Hickson...

Welcome to the brand new Disney Avenue!!!

Hello and welcome to my brand new blog that will be about everything Disney. My name is Keith Mahne and I visit several Disney sites online each day and even contribute on a couple so I have decided; why not make my own. I hope it becomes as popular as some other Disney fan sites and hope we learn a thing or two about the Wonderful World of Disney together!!! See ya real soon!