Sunday, May 6, 2012

Disney Documentary Hour: Shoot for the Moon

Today I would like to return to our Disney Documentary Hour segment. In 1995 the BBC made a documentary about the creation of Disneyland Paris' version of Space Mountain, called "Shoot For The Moon". It was a fascinating 44 minute program, following Tim Delaney and his team in bringing Jules Vernes' "From The Earth To The Moon" book to life. The documentary shows the whole development of the attraction, from conception, to construction, up to testing and fine tuning leading up to the final version of the attraction. One of my favorite parts of the film is when a problem arises with the attraction close to opening and we see Tom Delaney speaking with Marty Sklar, who was one of the top Imagineering executives at the time, and we see how they eventually work it out. Continue after the page break for a wonderful, behind the scenes look on how Disneyland Paris' Space Mountain came to life...

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