Saturday, June 16, 2012

Walt Disney World...a musical souvenir

This past Wednesday I posted a Main Street, USA music loop for 2012. Well, shortly after doing so I came across one of the most fantastic, Disney fan created music loops ever constructed using WDW 1970's music loops. Continue after the page break for a truly magical discovery of a Disney fan's creation...

The recent release of A Musical Souvenir of Walt Disney World from the very informative Disney fan blog  Passport to Dreams Old and New is absolutely amazing. This remarkable two and a half hour audio music loop provides an aural tour of the Magic Kingdom circa some time in the late 1970s. There are a few times while going from blog to blog when someone posts a truly amazing Disney related find. When the post is something that the writer created themselves for everyone to enjoy free of charge, that's just downright rare. So go to Foxx’s site and  download this ASAP; don’t miss out on the wonderful “retro” booklet and also the copious additional notes available for those of us who wonder just how, exactly, this thing got made. Then listen over and over and over; I certainly have. If You Had Wings! The Electrical Water Pageant! It’s all there. So what are you waiting for; start enjoying the magic now!

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