Saturday, April 7, 2012

DreamFinder Travel... The Only Way To Go!!!

I just wanted to inform everyone about the most AMAZING Disney travel company on planet Earth... DreamFinder Travel!!! I recently posted their site link at the top right corner of our blog. Many of you may or may not know that using a fantastic travel company like DreamFinder Travel to plain your next Disney vacation comes at NO extra cost to you. In fact, the extremely friendly people at DreamFinder Travel are huge Disney fans just like ourselves. I'll let Sue Ellen explain the perks of using DreamFinder Travel next time your ready to vacation with the Mouse!! Continue after the page break for more interesting facts about planning your next Disney vacation...

Now from a word from DreamFinder Travel owner and DreamMaker Sue Ellen:

One thing I often hear from potential new clients is “why should we use DreamFinder Travel.”  Well, I am here to explain to you why you SHOULD use a Disney Destination specialist for all of your Disney vacation planning.  First and foremost—our services are FREE!  You will not pay any more for using DreamFinder Travel and your personal vacation planner to book and plan your vacation!  Our agents all LOVE Disney and know the ships, parks and resorts inside and out, and will help you plan your vacation as if it were their own.  When booking with DreamFinder Travel, you will be paired with your own experienced personal agent, or DreamMaker as we prefer to call them, to work with throughout your vacation planning.  Your DreamMaker is your personal at home concierge. This allows your DreamMaker to get to know you and your preferences, and to make the best recommendations for you and your travel party.  They are there every step of the way in your planning to answer your questions and concerns (and we also have a toll-free number for you to reach your agent, in addition to being able to email them.)  Your DreamMaker always has YOUR best interests in mind when assisting you with your travel planning.  We offer you honest, and unbiased reviews, information, recommendations, and suggestions.

We also continue to look for the best rates for you, even after you book!  So you can book with us with confidence, knowing that you will always have the best pricing available.  If a lower price or promotion happens to come available for your travel dates even after you book, we will take care of automatically applying it for you!  That is one of the services our clients love the most!  We have saved our clients many thousands of dollars over the years with this extra service we offer.  Did we mention that we do all of this FREE OF CHARGE?  Yes, that is right, all of our services are provided to you at NO COST.  You get all of our knowledge and experience, and even discount hunting, all provided to you, free of cost!  And who said nothing is free?  Why do we do this?  Because we want you to have the very best Disney vacation possible, and at the very best price possible.
We offer personal concierge services and take care of all of your advance planning for you.  From doing things such as booking advance dining reservations, booking recreation or excursions for you, to making recommendations, and booking tours for you, and more; your DreamMaker will partner with you to understand your likes/dislikes and expectations.  We will make recommendations based on this personal knowledge, and can even help you set up special celebrations for any special events, such as birthdays and anniversaries.  We have even helped plan surprise engagements, and Disney weddings!

I can't recommend DreamFinder Travel enough. Like I said before, they are extremely friendly and helpful and want nothing more then to help you plan your next Disney vacation today. So go ahead and give em a call the next time you want to travel to any Disney destination and let one of the friendly DreamMakers help you create one of the most magical Disney vacations yet!

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