Thursday, November 15, 2012

Major Avatarland Rumor

Hello everyone and sorry for the little delay in posts. Well, life really does fly by. I'm now married and had one of the most fantastic honeymoons ever at Walt Disney World. While there a little bird told me what WDI has in store for Avatarland, or should I say ride through. Continue after the page break and see what I found out...

Our honeymoon was a dream come true. The botton we received at the beginning of our trip the read "Happily Ever After" was basically a key to some unique moments, not to mention every cast member on propriety telling us congratulations. We had an amazing time and I plan on writing a trip report soon. More to the point, while my wife and I were in the Magic Kingdom awaiting the train at the station that is attached to Splash Mountain we chatted with a wonderful cast member who seemed to truly adore his job. While we waited I asked him what he may have heard about the Avatarland. His response was very interesting although not that exciting. He told us that contrary to popular belief, Avatarland will not be a land at all. You see, WDI is working on adding an Avatar section that guests will ride through while on the Kilimanjaro Safari!

Let's now examine why this bold statement actually makes a lot of sense. For starters, the story line of the safari has been removed, Little Red and the old on-board recordings featuring "Mr. Wilson" are now long gone. Now guests drive past the new Zebra habitat area and the recording has been replaced with music and sound effects. Another reason this seems extremely accurate is because WDI's Joe Rhode recently informed the attraction's cast members that even more changes would be coming down the pipe over the next 3-4 years. Hummm, does he mean like Avatar scale changes. Lastly, talk has always swirled about Animal Kingdom starting to open at night. The park has always been ready for a night time frame with Dinoland, Expedition Everest, and the never developed Rivers of Light ride which was put on indefinite hold and never heard from again. The times AK was open at night, the park was absolutely beautiful and a Avatar section added to the safari just mite be the kick start AK needs to get the park opened at night which was a big selling point for Avatarland, that it would be stunning during nighttime.

So there you have it folks, the long debated Avatarland mite not be a actual land at all but, rather a little section of the popular Kilimanjaro Safari. If WDI does go this route with its Avatar addition how would you feel about it? Leave a comment below and check back soon for our WDW honeymoon trip report.

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