Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Remakes…Remakes Everywhere

By Lindsey Allmon

There is something about remakes that simultaneously sends hope and excitement bubbling through our veins and a ball of dread sinking to the pit of our stomachs. On one hand, we love seeing our favorite stories come to life on the big screen once again, fresh and reimagined. Yet with that reimagining comes the fear that films that have been beloved for years may be slaughtered in their new production. While I understand the apprehension when it comes to these “new” films, perhaps there are some things that we can learn to love about remakes. Continue after the page break for six reasons why we shouldn’t hate the remake. (Warning: Spoiler alerts for films such as Cinderella(2015) and Maleficent(2014) ahead)...

Explanations We’ve Been Craving

There’s a popular concept on the internet known as “shower thoughts,” as in the random thoughts one has whilst standing in the shower. For example, how do Cinderella’s stepmother and stepsisters not recognize her when she shows up at the ball? It legitimately makes zero sense and has made zero sense since 1950. Thanks to this year’s remake, we now have an answer! In the most recent adaptation, her Fairy Godmother places a spell on her to be sure her family doesn’t recognize her. It may seem simple and not worth mentioning, but it fills in a gap that has been open for years. While we fully understand that these are worlds of fantasy, there are some things that simply don’t make sense. Remakes give us answers to questions we’ve been asking for years.

Live Action is just…Magical

I won’t deny the incredible magic that fills my heart when Disney’s classic animation graces my television screen. It’s beautiful and nostalgic and perfect, and I want it to stay the way it is for all eternity. And yet, amid that wonderful world, it is made abundantly clear that it is indeed an entirely different universe from the one we live in. As nice as it is to escape, seeing real life people in these iconic roles…well, for a minute we all believe we really could be Cinderella. Combine that with the leaps and bounds the film industry has made with CGI, remakes are now just as magical as the original, if only in a different way.

Classic Songs Made New

Remember when Maleficent came out back in 2014? The trailers played and in the background was a melody, one that we’ve been listening to for years. Lana Del Rey did a cover of Once Upon a Dream that was hauntingly beautiful, perfect for the new take on the film. It wasn’t what we were used to, but it was incredible in its own right. This year’s Cinderella gave us new versions as well, both a sweet and lovely version of A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes sung by Lily James and a fun, whimsical rendition of Bibbidi Boppidi Boo by Helena Bonham Carter. While the originals still capture our heart, updated versions are still nice to hear, proving some melodies are just timeless. (Have a listen to these classic songs made new again below:)

Backstories are Awesome

If you’ve read my bio on this site, you know that Maleficent is my favorite character of all time. So when I discovered they were making a film about her, my claws came out. Nobody messes with the best villain ever (personal opinion, though I swear I’m right). But Disney didn’t destroy her. They made her vulnerable, relatable, vicious and loving. They transformed her from just a villain to something much more. Now, the story was altered in the end. Maleficent ends up waking Aurora rather than the prince. If I was six and saw this movie, I’d be annoyed. As an adult, fully knowing how awesome my own mother is and how much love parental figures have, it was a way better ending than the original. Still, even with the change, I felt nothing taken away from the original villain I fell in love with all those years ago. Backstories add to character development, and as a writer I will always think that is amazing.

We Never Forget the Original

Sometimes we fear that the new directors and screenwriters and producers will tear apart everything we love about old stories. What we tend forget is these people grew up with these movies, too. They saw the pumpkin turn into a carriage and Maleficent turn into a dragon. They marveled over it, just as we did, and these films live in their hearts as much as ours. So when it comes time to remake the film, they never really forget the old, often incorporating the original into the new. The new Cinderella incorporates subtle touches of similar clothing from the original. Anastasia wears pink often while Drizzella wears yellow, Cinderella’s mother’s dress and the dress she wears to the ball are the same colors as the original film and look very similar, and Cinderella wraps her hair in a white rag, just as the original Cinderella did. Though the new version of Cinderella has none of the original songs explicitly sung during the film, Cinderella does softly sing Sweet, Sweet Nightingale while she is doing her chores, just as the original Cinderella did. Maleficent has its share of parallels as well. For example, the dialogue from the christening seen is practically identical to the original film, including Angelina Jolie’s wicked laugh (well done). The three fairies also bake the lopsided cake for Aurora’s 16th birthday, even fighting over the color, pink vs. blue.

I know it’s hard to see beloved films redone. But sometimes remakes aren’t so terrible. I am extremely hopeful for the reboot of Beauty and the Beast coming soon and I hope you all give it a chance as well. Oh, and go check out the new Cinderella in theaters now. It’s positively magical.


Lindsey Allmon is a great lover of all things Disney and has been from the moment she was born. Lindsey is eager to share her knowledge of Disney with all of you. She is twenty one years old and hails from a suburb just southwest of Columbus, Ohio. Recently Lindsey graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in English from The Ohio State University with hopes of becoming a screenwriter. Her hobbies include reading, baking, singing obnoxiously loud in her car and shower, perfecting her Pinterest boards, and watching movies. In addition to that, she is planning her Tangled and Paperman themed wedding to her wonderful fiancé, Colby. As far as her Disney history goes, Lindsey's first trip was before she was a year old and she has made a trip nearly every year since, both as a basic family vacation and as a performer during Magic Music Days and the Magic Kingdom parade prior to the fireworks spectacular Wishes. She has been through countless park changes and stayed at approximately 10 different Disney Hotels. Her favorite character of all time is Maleficent. As a general rule Lindsey tends to love villains the most as she thinks they have some of the best lines, and who can resist a diabolical laugh? Her favorite Disney movie is easily Mary Poppins. When Lindsey was little all she wanted to watch was Mary Poppins over and over again, and as she grew older she realized the perfection that is Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke. Lindsey's favorite Disney Park is the World Showcase section of Epcot. She loves traveling and the World Showcase is a great way to experience so many different cultures at once. Fun Fact: Every year her parents buy her an oyster at the Japan Pavilion. The pearls from these oysters have all been saved and will be strung into a necklace that Lindsey will wear on her wedding day. Her favorite ride is Splash Mountain. Lindsey's articles will focus on navigating Disney World as well as providing some great insider info about the history of the company and the parks.

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