Sunday, March 29, 2015

Evacuating the Caribbean: Seeing Pirates with the Lights On

By EPCOT Explorer

You are about to see some unique photos of Walt Disney World’s Pirates of the Caribbean in the throes of an evacuation and not under regular show lighting. (If you don't enjoy seeing attractions behind the scenes, please don't continue reading this article.) In 2015, WDW's Pirates of the Caribbean had been suffering from some operational problems causing the attraction to be evacuated more frequently than usual. Pirates has undergone a major refurbishment since this period which brought it back up to operational standards. While that refurbishment didn't necessarily bring any large scale aesthetic or thematic changes, it did correct some major problems with the Audio Animatronics and greatly enhanced the set lighting and effects we see today. In 2007, The Haunted Mansion underwent a refurbishment of the same length, and to be frank, that refurbishment totally revitalized that attraction, bringing it up to the level of quality and care that these classic rides deserve. Join us today for a rare look at this classic attraction during a 2015 evacuation...

The back of the set.

Look at all that detail! Yes, the pirates themselves are cartoony caricatures of buccaneers, but the set pieces are rife with texture. Some of that texture, I might add, is an illusion and lots of wood-grain and stone work is painted on and is actually flat. But considering the illusion and artistry at hand is exactly why Pirates of the Caribbean remains the classic we all love.


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