Friday, November 21, 2014

Disneyland's Future Image Problem

By Mark Landucci

…..This is what I remember. On a visit to Disneyland a couple of years ago, I was hunched over in Town Square on Main Street USA, trying to adjust my backpack. I was listening to the music, smelling popcorn, hearing laughter and just becoming immersed in the setting. With my backpack on, I stood up and faced north, looking directly at Sleeping Beauty’s Castle. I took a deep breath and then I heard something. I heard someone crying, who was this? I turned to my right and saw a man, about 30 years my senior, crying. He wasn’t hurt, these were tears of joy. He was also looking at Sleeping Beauty’s Castle. He said, “There it is…there it is…after all these years of seeing this on television, I never thought I’d be able to see this….” And with that, he took numerous pictures and then took off. He wasn’t talking to me in particular, he was just making a statement to himself. I just shrugged this off and went about my day. It wasn’t until a year or so later that I revisited this scene in my head and then my thoughts started to come together about this man’s statement and how at some point Disneyland will have a big emotional problem. Read more to learn about this theory, shall you?

Thursday, November 20, 2014

A Walk in the Park: Disneyland Edition - The Jingle Cruise

By Daisy Sparks

"The World Famous Jungle Cruise" is one of the few Disneyland attractions that has been in operation since Opening Day back on July 17, 1955. It has not changed much and the Skippers continue to deliver their jokes. This cheesy factor is one reason why the ride is much beloved by many fans. Last year was the first year that The Jungle Cruise received a holiday overlay and became, "The Jingle Cruise." Continue after the page break and let's have a look...

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Grand Opening of Disney-MGM Studios

By Keith Mahne

May 1, 1989 was the debut of the Disney-MGM Theme Park. Located south of EPCOT, it was Disney's 5th theme park in the world and the third park on WDW property. Although it rained throughout the day, the park was packed. It was the largest opening day press event in Disney World history. The park was so crowded that officials had to close its parking lot at only 9:15 a.m. - just about an hour after opening! Join us as we have a look back at the opening of Disney-MGM Studios...

Monday, November 17, 2014

Motion Mondays: Walt Disney’s Multiplane Camera

By Keith Mahne

This week's Motion Mondays article takes a look at Walt Disney's Multiplane Camera. Continue after the page break and have a look...

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Disney Documentary Hour: The Magic of Walt Disney World

By Keith Mahne

Today, we return to our Disney Documentary Hour segment here on Disney Avenue with a wonderful vintage Disney World film I think you're really going to enjoy. It's called The Magic of Walt Disney World and it's a 1972 short film promoting the Walt Disney World resort. It was originally released to theaters by Buena Vista Distribution on December 20, 1972 alongside the film Snowball Express. An expanded and updated version aired on The Wonderful World of Disney in 1974. Continue after the page break and enjoy The Magic of Walt Disney World...

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Making of: Expedition Everest

By Keith Mahne

(Today's segment is part of our Making of series. This was actually the very first article I put together for Disney Avenue. Looking back at it, I realized I learned a lot since then and decided to redevelop the article and bring it up to what readers of this site expect it to be. So if you were one of our original followers, this article has been completely "refurbished" for your reading pleasure.)

Expedition Everest — Legend of the Forbidden Mountain is a steel roller coaster built by Vekoma at Disney's Animal Kingdom theme park. The attraction is themed around the Yeti hiding in Mount Everest. It is listed in the 2011 book of Guinness World Records as the most expensive roller coaster in the world. Including sets and extras, its total cost was reported to be US $100 million, following 6 years of planning and construction. It is the tallest of the artificial mountains at Walt Disney World and of the world for that matter. Contrary to popular belief, Expedition Everest is not Florida's tallest mountain. Expedition Everest stands at 199 feet tall (61 meters) while Walton County's Britton Hill is 345 feet tall (105 meters). Join us today as we take a look at the Making of Disney's 18th mountain-themed attraction...

Friday, November 14, 2014

Polynesian Potpourri: A Tour of the Village

By EPCOT Explorer

The Polynesian is currently in the throes of a radical aesthetic change. Refurbishment work began earlier this year to begin the process of removing some of the older features of the resort, with most of the changes centered in the Grand Ceremonial House. By the time the work is complete, the waterfalls that graced the entrance will be woefully gone, replaced by a more open area adorned with Japanese float lamps, and a large statue of the nameless (but popularly called “Tiki Shrug”) tiki deity that has served as the resort’s mascot since 1971. Continue after the break for more...