Sunday, November 6, 2016

A Rare Look at How Disney Decided to Build Tokyo Disneyland

By Ted Linhart

By 1975, combined attendance at the Disney Parks had reached over 22M (12.5M at WDW and 9.8M at Disneyland) and most of the USA populace was no more than 4 hours by plane from at least one of the Parks given their locations on the East and West Coast. It was only natural that Disney would look for ways to expand their empire and bring the Park experience to the rest of the world. Today’s article will provide a behind-the-scenes look at how the first international Disney Resort, Tokyo Disneyland, was developed through two must see documents. The 1st is a very rare August 1975 document with a now politically-incorrect title — “Oriental Disneyland: Feasibility Study Executive Summary." The 2nd is a less-rare but very interesting Cast Member opening day booklet for Tokyo Disneyland. Join us as we go back in time and look at how Tokyo Disney went from concept to reality...

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Walt Disney's Final Public Appearance

By Dave Mason

In the third chapter of his four-part series on the lasting legacy of Walt Disney, historian Dave Mason provides a little-known backstory on the event which would prove to be Walt Disney’s final public appearance. Join us today as we travel back in time to Tuesday, November 1, 1966 and revisit Walt in Williamsburg, Virginia for what would go down in history as his final appearance...

Sunday, October 30, 2016

The Unexpected Art of Walt Disney World

By EPCOT Explorer

One of the things that make Walt Disney World so unique is the unexpected art found throughout the resort complex. A couple of areas that this really stands out is in the foyer of Cinderella Castle with its glittering, richly hued glass mosaic murals and also at Disney's Contemporary Resort that features a massive 90-foot-high ceramic mural unlike anything in the world. Join us in today's new article as we take an up-close look at how these murals were created and why they remain as some of the most well-known artistic treasures in the entire world...

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Peek Inside the 1958 Disneyland Mail Order Catalog

By Keith Mahne

Imagine just for a few minutes that you are a young child in 1958 that loves the Walt Disney's Disneyland television series so much that you actually convinced your parents to take you on a fun-filled day to the happiest place on earth. You've just returned home and now it's time to look through your 1958 Disneyland Mail Order Catalog filled with the most sought after Disneyland collectibles of all time. Had they known that some of these items would go for thousands of dollars today, your parents would have bought you everything in the catalog and made one magical investment in your college fund and their retirement. But, the best part about seeing this Disneyland catalog today is getting to reminiscence back to a time when Walt still called the shots and a Disneyland ticket book cost only $5.25. Join us in today's new article as we take a step back in time and peek inside the 1958 Disneyland Mail Order Catalog...

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Watch the 1986 "Disney's Living Seas" Television Special

By Keith Mahne

Who doesn't love a classic Disney television special? Especially one that celebrates the opening of a EPCOT Center pavilion. If you're in the mood to travel back to Epcot in the 1980s and revisit The Living Seas pavilion as it was on opening day then you are going to love today's new article. Disney Avenue has searched under every nook and cranny to find the 1986 NBC television special titled, "Disney's Living Seas" which was broadcast on January 24, 1986 to promote the opening of the new Living Seas pavilion at EPCOT Center. The special, hosted by John Ritter and featuring guest appearances by Olivia Newton-John, Laura Branigan and other 80s stars, is sure to put a smile on any retro Disney fans face. Join us today as we revisit the original EPCOT Center pavilion in all its glory...

Saturday, October 22, 2016

RARE 1973 WED Document on Moving the Carousel of Progress to WDW

By Ted Linhart

The Carousel of Progress is one of Walt Disney’s most beloved, iconic and celebrated attractions of all time. It is also perhaps the most well-traveled, having made a nearly 5,000-mile journey from the New York World’s Fair in Queens, NY to Disneyland in Anaheim, CA in 1967 and then to Walt Disney World in Lake Buena Vista, FL in 1974. Join us today for an exclusive, inside look at the cost for the move from California to Florida courtesy of a rare, 1973 WED Enterprises document. It took careful planning to ensure there would be a great big beautiful tomorrow at Walt Disney World for years to come...

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Celebrating Walt Disney World's 45th Anniversary: Part III - The Creation of EPCOT Center

By Keith Mahne

Walt Disney once said, "I would rather entertain and hope that people learn, than educate and hope that they're entertained." That statement, made years before EPCOT was created or even conceived, became the standard by which Walt's successors designed their version of the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow he had originally envisioned. EPCOT Center was more than just a new theme park; it was a creation that paved the way for Walt Disney World to become the most magical and unique resort destination the world had ever seen. Join us today for the final installment of our 45th anniversary celebration series as we cover the creation of EPCOT Center and the dawn of a whole new Disney era...