Friday, March 27, 2015

Disney Documentary Hour: Disneyland's 25th Anniversary

By Keith Mahne

Welcome back to Disney Avenue's Disney Documentary Hour segment! This time we'll travel back to 1980 and celebrate Disneyland's 25th Anniversary. Filmed throughout the Park, this made-for-TV special hosted by Danny Kaye follows the story of a young boy (Adam Rich) on his first ever trip to The Happiest Place on Earth. While there, he encounters many interesting characters (all played by Danny Kaye) who tell him various tidbits on the park's history. We'll see musical numbers by Donny Osmond and Michael Jackson, as well as group sing alongs that include many actual Disneyland cast members and guests! Continue after the page break as we watch Kraft Salutes Disneyland's 25th Anniversary...

Thursday, March 26, 2015

A Walk in the Park: Disneyland Edition - Visiting the new Smokejumpers Grill

By Daisy Sparks

Over the weekend, the former Taste Pilot’s Grill opened as Smokejumpers Grill. It is the first location to reopen in the now renamed area, Grizzly Peak Airfield (formerly known as Condor Flats). The transformation of this area from a barren airstrip that hosted test pilots, to a California High Sierras theme, will help with a seamless transition into the Grizzly River Run and Grand California Hotel area. Let's take a visit to the new Smokejumpers Grill in this week's Walk in the Park article...

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Remakes…Remakes Everywhere

By Lindsey Allmon

There is something about remakes that simultaneously sends hope and excitement bubbling through our veins and a ball of dread sinking to the pit of our stomachs. On one hand, we love seeing our favorite stories come to life on the big screen once again, fresh and reimagined. Yet with that reimagining comes the fear that films that have been beloved for years may be slaughtered in their new production. While I understand the apprehension when it comes to these “new” films, perhaps there are some things that we can learn to love about remakes. Continue after the page break for six reasons why we shouldn’t hate the remake. (Warning: Spoiler alerts for films such as Cinderella(2015) and Maleficent(2014) ahead)...

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Voices Behind the Disney Characters - Part II

By Keith Mahne

What would our favorite characters be without voices? Today we will continue our look at the voices behind the Disney Characters. It's fun to see the faces behind the hand drawn animation. Seeing the person that gave the drawings spirit and a soul. Here now is Part II of The Voices Behind the Disney Characters...

Monday, March 23, 2015

Motion Mondays: Walt and the Shah of Iran

By Keith Mahne

This week's Motion Mondays article features Walt and the Shah of Iran from April, 1962. The Shah of Iran and his wife the Empress visited Disneyland on their state visit to America. Even in 1962, demonstrators stalked the royal couple.They were everywhere, a couple of meters from us sometimes, to the point that my husband had to speak up to be heard. From morning to night they didn’t stop screaming, and they were right beneath the windows of our hotel,” the Empress Farah Pahlavi wrote in her 2003 memoirs. Walt Disney gave them a guided tour of his amusement park, where they rode the Matterhorn bobsled and Disney presented the Empress with an enormous stuffed Goofy. Continue after the page break and take a look...

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Disney Avenue Podcast - Show #12 - Terri Hardin and Imagineering

Welcome back friends to the March 2015 edition of the Disney Avenue Podcast! Host Keith Michael Mahne and Dusty Sage of interview the queen of creativity herself, the amazingly talented Terri Hardin. If you've always wanted to know how to become an Imagineer or wanted to hear what being an Imagineer is all about then you are in luck as Terri is about to lay it all out for you! Terri is the definition of creativity and is just an amazing person! Continue after the page break for a truly amazing show...

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Tomorrowland 1967 Postcards

By Keith Mahne

As the summer of 1967 approached, public anticipation increased as news media and printed materials attempted to explain the “new” land. “With the tools of today, Disneyland creates a World of Tomorrow.” “Where the Dreams of the Future are Reality Today." Its opening was advertised as “The most exciting celebration since Disneyland’s opening day July 17, 1955.” With a New Tomorrowland came a new fresh look. The colors were that of the space age.  Everything had a wonderful mid-century style. The architecture was a perfect blend of form and function. The façade of each attraction perfectly fit its surroundings. Tomorrowland soon became the most popular land at Disneyland. What better way to look back at such a wonderful moment in Disneyland history than to take a look at some beautiful postcards of the day. Continue after the page break and enjoy these Tomorrowland 1967 postcards...