Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Lawrence Welk Show Tribute to Walt Disney (1973)

By Keith Mahne

There's nothing quite as nostalgic as Disney and the Lawrence Welk Show! One of the most successful and fondly-remembered shows in TV history, "The Lawrence Welk Show" featured musical numbers and skits, with host Lawrence Welk leading the band. Let's travel back to 1973 in this episode of the Lawrence Welk Show that paid tribute to Walt Disney as the company celebrated 50 years of the Disney Studios...

Lawrence Welk, the band leader whose folksy charm and bubbly brand of ''Champagne music'' shaped the longest-running show in television history, charmed audiences each week with his musical variety show. One September 22, 1973, the Lawrence Welk Show paid tribute to Walt Disney during the company's 50th anniversary.

Lawrence Welk Show cast members performing to the Disney classic "It's A Small World"

Just as Walt Disney created entertainment for the whole family, so did Lawrence Welk. With the classic music of Disney and the fun, big band orchestration of the Lawrence Welk Show, this particular episode was a true Disney celebration, featuring Disney tunes like "Oh Happy Day"; "It's a Small World"; "Mickey Mouse Mambo"; "When You Wish Upon a Star"; "Big Bad Wolf"; and "The Waltz of the Flowers". Let's travel back to 1973 and watch this wonderful episode of the Lawrence Welk Show as they pay tribute to the one and only Walt Disney...

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