Thursday, December 16, 2021

Tour of Walt Disney Imagineering in 1987 (Video)

By Keith Mahne

For those of us lucky enough to remember the early days of the Disney Channel, getting an inside look at coming attractions made a subscription worth every penny. One of our favorite segments to air on the Disney Channel in the late 80s was this inside look at Walt Disney Imagineering back in 1987. We will take a tour through the legendary Imagineering offices to see the creation of things like Pleasure Island, Disney-MGM Studios, Splash Mountain, Typhoon Lagoon and more. Join us as we travel back to Walt Disney Imagineering circa 1987...

Things to look for in the video:

1) Horizons Model

2) Splash Mountain Model

3) Making of Typhoon Lagoon

4) A young Joe Rohde and the Pleasure Island Model

5) Disney-MGM Studio Model

6) The gone but not forgotten Maelstrom attraction

7) And my personal favorite, the model of the never built Mount Fuji attraction in Japan as part of Epcot's World Showcase

If all that doesn't get you excited for our featured video then nothing will. So sit back, relax and enjoy this tour of Walt Disney Imagineering in 1987...

(For your viewing pleasure, be sure to pause the Disney Avenue Music Player prior to starting the video below if you are on a desktop computer.)


Keith Michael Mahne is the owner and editor of Disney Avenue and the host of the Disney Avenue Podcast. He has made countless trips to the Walt Disney World resort since his first trip in 1989 at the age of four. Keith has a strong passion and respect for Walt Disney, the parks and resorts, and the men and women who help create them. He started Disney Avenue as a way to inform and entertain readers and to repay all those who make dreams come true every day.

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