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Disneyland Magical Audio Tour - Chapter 7: New Orleans Square

By Chris Lyndon

It's time to continue our series of articles here on Disney Avenue celebrating the magical sounds of Disneyland. Join us today for our seventh stop on this nostalgic audio tour of Disneyland's yesteryear as we enter the "Paris of the American Frontier," New Orleans Square...

At contributing writer Chris Lyndon's website called you will find a collection of over 1500 audio tracks taking you on a magical musical visit through the Happiest Place on Earth. We will be highlighting each of the 27 chapters included in this "Magical Audio Tour" in the weeks and months ahead. Each chapter of this Disneyland Magical Audio Tour highlights one aspect or specific area of the park. Today we resume the tour at Chapter 7 by taking a look at the "Paris of the American Frontier," New Orleans Square. Found below are a collection of some of the best tracks you will find on this chapter. To view the entire chapter be sure to visit

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Walt Disney Takes You to New Orleans Square

Walt Disney invites guests to one of the Magic Kingdom's most charming and elegant destinations. Among its twisting back alleyways and shady courtyards, with it's many distinctive wrought iron balconies, are quaint little gift boutiques, romantic street cafés and wandering sidewalk Dixieland musicians playing New Orleans style jazz...

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New Orleans Square Attraction Preview - Jack Wagner

Premiering in 1966, New Orleans Square was the first new land to be added to the Magic Kingdom since the park originally opened in 1955. Jack Wagner provides us with an orientation of the many attractions found within this land, including two of Disneyland's very best... Pirates of the Caribbean and the Haunted Mansion...

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New Orleans Square Medley

Walt Disney made no secret about his love of Dixieland music, and from Disneyland's very beginnings, the sweet sound of New Orleans jazz could be enjoyed throughout the park. One song in particular, Swanee River, has become a sort-of unofficial theme song for New Orleans Square, having been performed by dozens of musical groups...

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The Disney Gallery Original Area Music

The second story floors of several New Orleans Square buildings were originally intended to be used as a luxurious residence for Walt Disney and his family. The area remained unfinished and unoccupied for many years, but in 1987 a new staircase was constructed and a gallery area was opened to guests, showcasing the art of Disneyland...

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Pirates of the Caribbean Advertisement

Pirates of the Caribbean premiered at Disneyland in 1967, and remains the crowning jewel of all Disney theme park attractions to this day. This exciting journey into the legendary days of hidden treasure and swashbuckling buccaneers is one Walt Disney's greatest achievements and is a true living legacy of the master showman. Here is an advertisement from the early days of the attraction...

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Pirates of the Caribbean Overture

The theme song heard throughout Pirates of the Caribbean, "Yo Ho! Yo Ho! A Pirate's Life for Me," is one of the most instantly recognizable pieces of music ever written for a Disney attraction. It was written by former Disney animator turned script writer Xavier Atencio, who also wrote the theme music for the Haunted Mansion...

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Port Royal Curios and Curiosities Area Music

A popular activity for New Orleans Square guests is browsing through its many quaint little gift shops. The first store guests often encounter is a pirate themed mercantile named for the notorious port of call in the Pirates of the Caribbean films. Many veteran guests may remember when this was the One-Of-A-Kind antique shop...

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The Bootstrappers Pirate Band

The success of the Pirates of the Caribbean film franchise has sparked a new popularity for all things pirate related, bringing many new themed elements back to Disneyland, including a motley band of musical buccaneers often seen wandering the streets of New Orleans Square, or performing across the river on Tom Sawyer's Island...

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The Jambalaya Jazz Band

In New Orleans Square, the sight and sound of marching jazz musicians is an every day occurrence, and guests are always encouraged to join the parade. A favorite of these wandering troupes is the Jambalaya Jazz Band. These energetic performers are often joined by a vivacious character known as Queenie who dances alongside them...

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New Orleans Square Waterfront Area Music

New Orleans Square rests along the banks of Disneyland's romantic Rivers of America. Along the waterfront the air is filled with the syncopated rhythms of New Orleans style Dixieland jazz. Here guests pause and watch the activity along this bustling riverbed as the graceful Mark Twain and Sailing Ship Columbia peacefully glide by...

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The Dukes of Dixieland

Through the years, Disneyland's New Orleans Square has hosted some of the greatest Dixieland jazz musicians of all time. A crowd favorite was always the Dukes of Dixieland. They often participated in the Dixieland at Disneyland festival held every year throughout the 1960's, and made several other guests appearances year-round...

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The Original Dixieland Jazz Minors

Many musical acts have come and gone at Disneyland over the years. From the late 70's to early 80's a troupe of college age musicians called the Jazz Minors performed in New Orleans Square every summer. This rambunctious bunch of boys exuded energy that was infectious among guests, specializing in Roaring 20's style Dixieland...

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The Reynolds Brothers Band

The two brothers who formed this group in the 1990's had earlier appeared in separate parks on separate coasts, one as a member of the Banjo Kings in Walt Disney World and the other as a Main Street Maniac in Disneyland. After a brief stint in New Orleans Square, they moved to Disney's California Adventure, where they can be seen today...

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The Bayou Brass

The Bayou Brass first appeared in Disneyland in the late 90's. An unusual act for 19th century themed New Orleans Square, they were more reminiscent of the contemporary groups that frequent the venues of the Crescent City in the 21st century, fusing together traditional jazz styles with a spectrum of modern day musical influences...

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The Royal Street Bachelors

The Royal Street Bachelors are thee New Orleans Square staple jazz ensemble, having performed their daily sidewalk concerts here since 1966. Although all the founding members have long since retired, the group and its definitive New Orleans Square sound continues to this day as one of Disneyland's longest standing traditions...

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The French Market - Teddy Buckner and the Jazz All-Stars

The bandstand located within the outdoor patio area of the French Market restaurant in New Orleans Square has hosted dozens of famous jazz groups over the decades. For several years, this was the venue for world-renowned musician Teddy Buckner and his band of Jazz All-Stars who were a regularly featured act at this popular eatery...

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The French Market Area Music

The French Market restaurant in Disneyland is based on the New Orleans original in the historic French Quarter. This large outdoor café offers delicious Creole dishes and southern fried soul food. When there are no live musicians performing, guest will instead hear a collection songs performed in the Cajun style of the Louisiana bayou...

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Singing Busts Song - The Dapper Dans

In 2003, Walt Disney Pictures released a Haunted Mansion feature-length movie based on the Disneyland attraction. Many characters from the attraction were highlighted, including the singing busts from the graveyard scene. Recruited to provide their voices for the film version were Disneyland's own Dapper Dans barbershop quartet...

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I hope you enjoyed Chapter 7 of our Disneyland Magical Audio Tour featuring the sounds of New Orleans Square. For more fun facts about the history of New Orleans Square you can check out episode 89 of my podcast called Jiminy Crickets - by clicking HERE.

Be sure to stay tuned for the next installment of this Disney Magical Audio Tour series coming soon. See you then!

— Chris Lyndon,

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Chris Lyndon grew up in Southern California, near Disneyland. He formed a lifelong fascination with all things Disney from a very early age, especially Disney music, and has studied the history of the Walt Disney organization for decades. His very first summer job was at Disneyland at age 16, and he also worked at the Florida parks during his college years, as part of the Walt Disney World College Internship Program. His lifelong passion for Disney music has evolved into his website, All manner of Disney music can be enjoyed there including the Disney Song of the Day, but the main focus is audio from the original Disneyland theme park in a collection he calls the "Disneyland Magical Audio Tour," with over 1200 audio tracks, full color imagery and historical information for every track posted. Chris also provided archival Disneyland audio for the September 2015 PBS Walt Disney American Experience documentary. In 2014 he joined the Sideshow Sound Theatre podcast group as a co-host on the MouseMusic podcast, and in December 2015 he began his own weekly podcast covering all things Disney, called Jiminy Crickets! He is now also co-host of Magical Day Radio program, where he interviews notable people within the Disney community.

You can find all of Chris's articles here.

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