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10 New Tracks Just Added to the Disney Avenue Music Player

By Keith Mahne

Today we wanted to update you on some incredible new tunes that were just added to the Disney Avenue Music Player that you are going to love! Join us in today's new article and prepare yourself for a Disney musical escape to soothe your soul...

If you have been a regular visitor here on for awhile now, you already know how much music is a part of the heart and soul of this Disney dedicated website. If you visit us from a desktop computer, you may be hearing the music playing now as it kicks on automatically. If you visit us primarily from a mobile device, you may have skipped right over the new music player which is located immediately under the Disney Avenue banner and you can scroll through and listen to any of our 343 tracks whether you're at home and cooking or cleaning, riding in the car and want to hear some relaxing Disney Park tunes, or, if you're like me, always have the player going whenever you're at the computer. However you choose to enjoy the Disney Avenue Music Player, take comfort in knowing it will always be there ready to take you on a musical escape from the stressfulness of everyday life outside Walt's Magic Kingdoms. Here are a few of our new additions that I think you might enjoy...

Track #13: Epcot's Mexico Pavilion Area Music

I recently found the area music for Epcot's Mexico Pavilion and placed this track in the player near the other World Showcase Pavilion's area music loops which is why it is now Track #13 in the Disney Avenue Music Player.

Track #34: Cars Land Area Music

This next one is near and dear to my heart as I put the tracks together one by one using a playlist compiled at the fantastic and highly informative site Disneyland Resort Music Compendium. Growing up going to car shows with my grandparents, this Cars Land music loop brought back a ton of toe-tapping, fond memories of my childhood and perhaps some of yours as well. It is now Track #34 and replaced a very similar Splash Mountain music loop that is found in Track #2.

Track #336: Almost There (Instrumental) (From The Princess and the Frog)

As a child of the unique and culture-packed city of New Orleans, Disney's The Princess and Frog has always been one of my favorite animated movies mainly because of the music. This instrumental version of the song "Almost There" is a real treat to the ears and is Track #336 in the player.

If you enjoyed this song and would like to buy a copy of the soundtrack from which it came,  be sure to click the Amazon button below and grab yours today...

Track #337: Gonna Take You There (From The Princess and the Frog)

"Alright Lulu! Let's get to it dawlin'" You hear this all the time growing up in Louisiana and I love how it's featured in "Gonna Take You There" sung by legendary voice actor Jim Cummings. It's a fun and upbeat tune from this wonderful Disney animated movie, wouldn't you say sha?! Yeah you right! Find this song as Track #337 in the music player and "pass a good time!"

You can grab The Princess and the Frog soundtrack by clicking the Amazon button below...

Track #338: Down In New Orleans (Finale) (From The Princess and Frog)

The song "Down In New Orleans" sung by Doctor John is my ultimate favorite tune from this movie but I chose to go with the Finale version of the song as I like its faster pace. It comes in as a close second to Doctor John's version and can be found as Track #338 in the music player.

If you would like your own copy of this song you can grab a copy of The Princess and the Frog soundtrack by clicking the Amazon button below...

Track #339: Walt Disney World Piano Medley (Performed by Gijs van Winkelhof)

I am a sucker for Piano Versions of my favorite Disney melodies and we actually have a few Piano Version tracks found throughout the Disney Avenue Music Player. I recently came across a pianist from the Netherlands named Gijs van Winkelhof and asked him to do a live show on the Disney Avenue Facebook page not long ago which you can see HERE. We hope to have many more of those live shows soon. Here is Gijs performing a Walt Disney World medley on piano and is Track #339 in the player.

Track #340: Epcot's Voices of Liberty (Complete Album)

I recently stumbled upon this wonderful album by Epcot's Voices of Liberty while putting together my EPCOT Center 35 playlist (which are tracks 301 - 335) as that playlist contained two songs from this album, "Oh, Susannah!" and "Battle Hymn Of The Republic." The full album is now Track #340 in the music player and the album playlist is below...

1. Golden Dream
2. Shenandoah
3. Railroad Medley: She'll Be Coming Around The Mountain / I've Been Working On The Railroad / Someone's In The Kitchen With Dinah / Gospel Train
4. Star Spangled Banner
5. Songs Of The South: In The Great Gettin' Up Morning / Motherless Child / Soon Ah Will Be Done / All My Trials, Lord / Nobody Knows De Trouble I've Seen / Deep River / Ride The Chariot
6. We The People / America The Beautiful
7. This Land Is Your Land
8. Battle Hymn Of The Republic
9. Oh, Susannah!
10. Black Is The Color Of My True Love's Hair
11. Penny/ My Country Tis Of Thee, The

You can buy the CD for yourself by clicking the Amazon button below...

Track #341: Epcot's Voices of Liberty: A Cappella Dreams (Album Selections)

Another amazing album I found by Epcot's Voices of Liberty while putting together my EPCOT Center 35 playlist was this little beauty called A Cappella Dreams. Along with patriotic, American songs, it also contains a cappella versions of a few classic Disney songs like "When You Wish Upon A Star," "The Fly Medley: You Can Fly," and "A Whole New World" just to name a few. The reason you see "Album Selections" in the title is because I left out the tracks "Battle Hymn of Republic" and
"The Star Spangled Banner" as those two songs are featured on the previous album above. This album is now Track #341 in the music player and the album playlist is below...

1. One Voice
2. This Is My Country
3. When You Wish Upon a Star
4. Summer Medley: Summertime / In the Good Old Summertime / Cruising Down the River
5. Danny Boy
6. The Fly Medley: You Can Fly! / Let's Go Fly a Kite / When I See an Elephant Fly
7. God Bless America
8. Once Upon a Dream (With I Wonder)
9. You'll Never Walk Alone
10. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
11. Gonna Build a Mountain
12. A Whole New World

You can buy and download the album for yourself by clicking the Amazon button below...

Track #342: Epcot's Mariachi Cobre Band (Full Album)

Another fantastic album I discovered while putting together the EPCOT Center 35 playlist was this one by Epcot's Mariachi Cobre Band recorded back in 1991...

1. El Gavilán
2. Paloma Negra
3. El Balajú
4. El Pastor
5. Guadalajara
6. Acuarela Potosina (San Luis Potosí)
7. Arriba Pichátaro
8. Popourrí Miguel Aceves Mejía
9. El Pasajero
10. Granada
11. En Mi Viejo San Juan
12. El Fuereño
13. Tu Nombre Me Sabe A Hierba
14. Amorcito Corazón
15. La Boda De Luis Alonzo 
16. El Corrido De Monterrey  
17. Esta Tarde Vi Llover
18. Que Bonita Es Mi Tierra

Epcot's Mariachi Cobre Band (Full Album) is Track #342 is the Disney Avenue Music Player for you to listen to whenever you wish. It's one of my new favorites!

You can buy or download your own copy today buy clicking the Amazon link below...

Track #343: Pandora - The World of Avatar Area Music

The music the Imagineers selected to fill the area of Animal Kingdom's Pandora truly does capture the spirit of the World of Avatar. It's extremely relaxing and a great way to take a mental escape from the stress and grind of life outside of a Disney Park. Take a listen whenever the mood strikes by selecting Track #343 in the music player.

Well, that about does it for this Disney Avenue Music Player update. Which new addition was your favorite? Please let us know in the comments below or on the Disney Avenue Facebook page post as we love to hear your thoughts and opinions.

We are always on the lookout for new tracks to add so if you know of one that would make a great fit and don't see it listed in the music player's playlist, be sure to drop us a line and let us know. Also, we often add to the music player and have even teamed up with Chris Lyndon of to feature selections from his Disneyland Magical Audio Tour and there are a lot more of those to come as well so be sure to keep an eye out for that.

Happy listening!


Keith Michael Mahne is the owner and editor of Disney Avenue and the host of the Disney Avenue Podcast. He has made countless trips to the Walt Disney World resort since his first trip in 1989 at the age of four. Keith has a strong passion and respect for Walt Disney, the parks and resorts, and the men and women who help create them. He started Disney Avenue as a way to inform and entertain readers and to repay all those who make dreams come true every day.

You can find all of Keith's articles here.

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