Thursday, August 24, 2017

Walt Disney Explains His Knowledge of Art

By Keith Mahne

One of the most valuable artifacts of Walt Disney that remains today is his voice. At the Walt Disney Family Museum, Walt himself is the narrator, taking you through his life in his own words. In this spirit, let's take a listen to the insights Walt had on his knowledge of art and his feelings about art galleries, as relayed to journalist Pete Martin in an interview from 1956 in today's new article...

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Walt: Business people come to me and say, "Well, Walt, you must know a lot about art." Well, I don't—I don't know a lot about art and I don't pretend to. And I tell them honestly. They say, "Oh, you're modest." And I say, "Well, alright—but I'm telling you the truth; I don't know anything about art!" I said, "I see things and I like it." But I couldn't tell you the history of the painters—I know a lot of them, know their styles, and when it comes time to do something, I'll get out the old book and I'll look 'em up and say, "I like this guy, who is he?" You know? Oh, it's Goya, or somebody like that, you know, or something.

I don't know—it's never appealed to me. I like art in another way. I think art galleries are wonderful. But I think that's the privilege everybody enjoys—of liking it one way or another.

Source: The Walt Disney Family Museum


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