Wednesday, January 13, 2016

"Follow Us" to Walt Disney World of 1983

By Keith Mahne

Do you ever have those days when all you want to do is sit around and watch old Disney Park footage from the good ol' days? I know I sure do! Today I'd like to share with you one of my all time favorites. When I think of vintage Walt Disney World I think of the footage captured in this short film. Join me now and see what I mean as we watch the 1983-84 Walt Disney World promotional film titled "Follow Us." Trust me, you won't want to miss it...

The 30-minute program filmed in 1983 was created to build excitement for the recently expanded Walt Disney World resort. If you are a Disney theme park fan and a nostalgic at heart, you're going to love every minute of it. The real jewel of this film though is the opening two and a half minutes. What makes the opening especially mesmerizing is that it features performances from many of the entertainers who used to be spotted around the parks and resorts in the early years. So friends, if you are ready to be transported to Disney World of yesteryear and to the "good ol' days" as they say of the resort, then here and now is the 1983-84 Walt Disney World promotional film "Follow Us." Enjoy...

(For your viewing pleasure, please remember to pause the Disney Avenue Music Player at the top left-hand corner of the page prior to playing the video below if you are on a desktop computer.)


Keith Michael Mahne is the owner and editor of Disney Avenue and the host of the Disney Avenue Podcast. He has made countless trips to the Walt Disney World resort since his first trip in 1989 at the age of four. Keith has a strong passion and respect for Walt Disney, the parks and resorts, and the men and women who help create them. He started Disney Avenue as a way to inform and entertain readers and to repay all those who make dreams come true every day.

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