Monday, May 4, 2015

Inspiration for Imagination

By Josh Drury

**Editor's Note**: Friends I'd like to welcome Josh Drury as Disney Avenue's newest contributing writer! Please join me in welcoming Josh to the Disney Avenue family.

- Keith Mahne

Inspiration can come from so many places, and without a doubt my biggest inspiration is the legend named Walt Disney. Like Walt, I did not come from a wealthy family in any shape or form. Times were often tough growing up and I have faced many obstacles over the years, but Walt's quotes and outlook on life are some of the major things that have continually kept my hope alive. Join me after the page break for a little inspiration for imagination...

My love for Disney didn't really get big until I saw Aladdin in theaters in 1992 at the age of 7 years old. That movie just absolutely blew me away. The story, the characters, the world, and the music all carried me away to a different dimension and I was hooked immediately. That was when I first realized that I wanted to make movies. I looked up at that screen with the "genie of the lamp" and I made my wish... "That's what I'm gonna do when I grow up." I'm a grown up now and although I don't have a film career yet, that wish hasn't changed in the slightest bit.
After seeing Aladdin I wanted to watch more Disney movies and learn more about the company. I went to the library and checked out as many Disney movies and books as I could find. One of those books was about Walt Disney himself, and out of that big pile, that particular one was without a doubt my favorite. The background of where he came from and the story of what he ended up being was just so awe inspiring. I was officially obsessed with Disney, and I wanted to take the next logical step for a Disney fan... I wanted to go to Walt Disney World!

It would be another six years before I actually got to go (like I said earlier, I didn't come from a privileged household), but when the day finally came in 1998 I will never forget what it felt like to first arrive at our Disney All Star Resort and make our way to the Magic Kingdom. Then the unforgettable magical feeling when you first see Cinderella Castle at the end of Main Street U.S.A., the irresistible smile I got on my face when looking around that lasted all day, and the excitement when I sat down for my first Disney attraction. It was unbelievable to me that one man could've started all of that. After visiting all three parks (it was the year before Animal Kingdom opened) at the end of our trip I cried tears of sorrow because I didn't want to leave Walt's world, but I knew I'd be back one day and my love for Disney was officially an undying thing. My inspiration was at it's highest peak, and the first thing I did when I got back home was start writing about my adventures.

As a kid already dreaming of being a film maker because of Disney, my favorite park was of course Disney-MGM Studios. My mother and I made another trip to Walt Disney World the following year, and that trip was just as memorable as the first. It would sadly be another fifteen years until I returned to WDW on my honeymoon, but it was amazing to see it from a new perspective. For the first time I got to see what's now called Hollywood Studios, Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, and EPCOT through the eyes of an adult. I got to see how romantic it all could be, which of course was far from my mind as a kid going there with his mom. It's amazing how Disney can become so many things to the same person throughout their entire life. 

As I am now inching closer than ever to getting things moving for my career, the inspiration that I draw from Walt Disney and the amazing legacy that he left behind for us is more present than ever. Trying to map out plans for my own film studio, writing out script treatments, and dreaming of all the possibilities that can come into my life I constantly remember the inspiring true life Cinderella story of Walt's. Although I never had the chance to meet him as he unfortunately passed away 20 years before I was born, I can honestly say that I love Walt Disney because he has taught me so much over the years. The thing I remember from Walt most of all as someone attempting to get into the business of using my imagination to create new worlds is to never let that child inside me fade away, because that is where true imagination comes from.



Josh Drury first became a major Disney fan with the release of Aladdin in 1992. His love for Disney only grew over the years after reading about the life Walt Disney, watching every Disney film ever made, making his first trip to Walt Disney World at 12 years old, and beginning to dream of walking a similar path as the man who created the mouse. Now an aspiring film maker and hopeful studio owner, the inspiration that he takes from all things Disney is larger than ever.
Josh lives in Findlay, Ohio and is married to an amazing partner (yes, it was a Disney wedding). Together they have had many Disney adventures and are still planning more. They celebrated their second dating anniversary at Disneyland, their honeymoon consisted of four days at Walt Disney World/an amazing four-day Disney Cruise to the Bahamas, and they are looking to celebrate their first wedding anniversary in September by seeing the Disneyland 60th Anniversary Diamond Celebration events. Josh is very excited to be joining the Disney Avenue team and looks forward to sharing his love for Disney with everyone!

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  1. Well written exploration on the many ways Walt Disney inspired and continues to inspire throughout generations.