Thursday, May 14, 2015

A Walk in the Park: WDW Edition - A Stroll Around Epcot

By Krista Joy

This week let’s take a stroll around Epcot! I hear the incredible sounds of Jon Secada and the Garden Rocks Concert Series, we should probably go investigate that. Have you heard about the amazing frozen drinks you can find near the Morocco Pavilion? Let’s go try some of those! Finally we can wrap it up by visiting a brand new exhibit at the Flower and Garden Festival this year. We'll see all this in more in this edition of A Walk in the Park: WDW...

Hey it’s a good thing we got this room with a beautiful view at Wilderness Lodge! The new kiddie splash pad is looking great, isn’t it?

We can’t do all this cruising around Epcot on an empty stomach.  Let’s head downstairs and kick off our walk with a delicious lunch at Whispering Canyon Café. Our server highly recommends the open faced tuna sandwich - and she was right!! It is delicious!

No visit to Whispering Canyon is complete without a bottomless milkshake.  All you can drink in your choice of vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, or caramel flavors? Count me in. I think I am in a caramel mood today. Mmmm…

All fueled up and ready to go? Let’s head over to Epcot. We will begin with a quick stop in the Art of Disney Store, near the entrance. I love seeing what’s new from one of my favorite Disney Master Artists, Kevin-John. Here are prints of a gentleman and a dog that you might recognize. Beautiful job Kev!

Do you hear that? The Garden Rocks Concert Series is in full swing! Let’s head over to the America Pavilion to check it out.

We are in for a real treat because today’s artist is none other than the amazing Jon Secada. I hear him sing and it’s like I am back in high school again. So fun!

There are some amazing slushies that are now available near the Morocco Pavilion. It’s a warm day and I bet they will really hit the spot about now! Here is the full menu – which one would you choose?

The Sultan’s Colada is delicious. It tastes much like a Pina Colada with just a hint of Almond Liquor added to give it a special touch.

The Habibi Daiquiri – with its rum, Strawberry and Orange Blossom Water is really fruity and refreshing!

Let’s go ahead and sample the Moroccarita as well. The crisp taste of Vodka, Lemon, Lime Juice and Triple Sec is just a terrific combination.

Next up, is something I have always wanted to try ever since we heard it was coming to Flower and Garden. Are you ready for this? It’s a push pop…for adults.  It’s available at the Fleur de Lys booth.

How can you go wrong with Grand Marnier Peach Raspberry, Vodka, and Iced Tea? I’m here to tell you – you just can’t.

Yes this has to be one of my all-time favorite treats from the Flower and Garden Festival. Can you tell I’m enjoying it a little? It is sticky and will drip down your arm in the heat so be sure to grab some napkins!

Today is the first day they are running previews of the Tomorrowland movie over at the Imagination Pavilion. Let’s go check that out next!

This is an actual suit worn by George Clooney in the movie. It is so cool to see it up close in the preview area before we enter the theater.

This movie is going to be absolutely incredible!! Speaking of movies, Inside Out is coming to theaters this summer.  Epcot really did a brilliant job with tying it into the festival by placing a beautiful garden nearby that features plants that inspire your emotions.

I am particularly fond of this one for some reason.

The sad plants come in shades of blue.

Fearful plants aren’t really all that scary.

Disgusting Plants are stinky but still quite beautiful if you ask me!

This one made me laugh because it reminded me of someone I used to know. What a hothead! These plants will burn your mouth and nose.

Finally we end with a beautiful mix of all of these emotional plants.

I love the beauty of Epcot this time of year...

See you next time Spaceship Earth! What a great day we had at Epcot!



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