Thursday, April 16, 2015

A Walk in the Park: WDW Edition - Disney Springs

By Krista Joy

Let’s take a walk around Disney Springs to check out some of the new storefronts, Goofy’s Candy Company, the awesome new amphicars at The Boathouse, and top it all off with a flight in the largest helium balloon in the world! We'll see all this and more in this week's Walk in the Park article...

Our first stop, Starbucks! For right around $3.50 let’s get a warm ham and cheese “square.” It smells a lot like pizza – which is not a bad thing in my book. In fact I got so excited I took a bite before I remembered to snap a picture. Delicious!

It’s a little early, so nothing is open yet, but we can still get a look at some of the beautiful new storefronts.

Very soon, The Boathouse will offer fine dining, a bar and lounge, live entertainment, retail space and some pretty unique boating experiences. You will be able to have a tour of the Village Lake in an amphicar for $100. This 20 minute cruise will have seating for you, 2 friends, and boat captain. Yes, for that kind of money, you get a personal driver. Here are all the captains grouped together, chatting about opening day no doubt.

These amphicars can drive on land - and cruise through the water like a boat. Lately we have been getting sneak peeks of the vehicles as they are being tested.

Here is a portion of the beautiful new bridge.

We are already seeing signs of things to come.

The smell coming from Goofy’s Candy Company is amazing. As we take a few steps inside, we find the seasonal bunny apples and cake pops are on display.

There are suggestions of the new live-action Cinderella movie everywhere.

Of course the classic apples are here to! They never go out of style.

This Baymax apple is just too adorable!!

Here are the happiest chocolate covered apples ever! Oh to swim in a sea of mini M&M’s!

Haunted Mansion popcorn anyone?

Around the corner are cereal treats of all shapes and sizes!

Just outside is a gorgeous new Frozen Fever mural! I love the spring colors, don’t you?

Characters in Flight…Operated by Aerophile, ascends 400 feet in the air at its highest altitude. There is no better way to get a view of the construction going on around Disney Springs!

Here is our view looking out from the basket before takeoff.

During takeoff…

And from the highest altitude!

After about 8-10 minutes, we land back on the ground!

I hope you enjoyed this walk with me through Disney Springs (in the spring)! It is so exciting to look forward to all the fun things that are already in place, and dream about the things to come! See you next time...

Krista Joy is a former Disney cast member, current head author at and a co-host for the Disney Parks Podcast. She was born, raised, and has never lived any where else but in the heart of Orlando Florida. Not knowing what it’s like to be away from Walt Disney World for very long – the magic has truly become a part of who she is. Krista’s Disney dream is to bring magic and fun to the every day lives of her fellow Disney fans – while sharing some laughs along the way. She is very grateful to Keith and the team at for helping her to make this dream a reality! You can read more about Krista at

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