Thursday, November 6, 2014

A Walk in the Park: Disneyland Edition

By Daisy Sparks

Welcome back to another amazing A Walk in the Park article. This week we travel to Disneyland and see the holiday decorating in progress. Continue after the page break and have a look...

It really is like magic that Disneyland can transform itself from Halloween Time to the Happiest of Holidays within 24 hours. I visited Disneyland Resort this past Sunday afternoon on November 2nd and the Mickey Mouse pumpkin head was still on Main Street USA.

Here is what the Partners statute areas looked like this past Sunday. If you look at the Castle in the background, you can see that it already has been covered in snow.

I was back at Disneyland early Monday afternoon, November 3rd, and this is what the Partners area looked like. Not only were the jack-o-lanterns removed, but even the fall flowers were removed and replaced with another floral variety and color scheme.

Beautiful Christmas garland adorn the many buildings on Main Street, USA. Looks like Goofy even came out to check out the holiday decorations.

As I walked towards Adventureland, it was a little quiet over by the Jungle Cruise. With a little more investigation, I discovered the reason for the silence in the area.

Making my way over to New Orleans Square, I was greeted with all the splendor of Mardi Gras themed decorations. Looks like that area is ready for the holidays. There are some new Christmas themed posters and decorations for some of the new walls in the French Quarter. 

Since The Court of Angels is no longer accessible (it’s behind these faux stained glass doors), I thought it was a nice gesture to mark the area with this holiday décor.

Fastpass for The Haunted Mansion has finally arrived. This attraction gets more traffic in the few months when Jack Skellington takes over mansion. This Fastpass area is located towards the back of the attraction.

In Frontierland, the Dia de las Muertas (Day of the Dead) has been removed and some holiday has arrived. The Golden Horseshoe was decorated on the outside but the inside is waiting for the magic elves to show up.

Finally, over in Fantasyland, "it's a small world holiday" looks like it is almost complete. There is a lot that happens inside but the exterior looks ready and is just waiting for the water and boats. It is actually scheduled to be open this weekend.

While sitting on the tram en route to the parking structure, I did catch a glimpse of the Disneyland Christmas tree. Looks like it is already decorated and ready to be put in its place. I am sure that the magic (of a forklift) and some Christmas elves will make sure that it finds its way to Main Street, USA.

All the holiday offerings at Disneyland Park is scheduled to debut on November 13th and run until January 6th. I am hoping the California weather will also transform into some seasonal weather to compliment all the magic of the holidays at Disneyland.

Hope you've all been good this year so Santa will bring you lots of Disney treats!