Tuesday, November 4, 2014

A Rainy Day in Walt Disney World Beats a Sunny Day At Home

By Ryan Reed

There’s a pretty funny meme I’ve come across a few times now that sums up my exact thoughts: A rainy day in Walt Disney World beats a sunny day at home.  This is absolutely true for the obvious reason: you’re in Walt Disney World!  Beyond that though, I’ve actually found even rain can add to your trip instead of ruining it.  No matter what the weather is, it gives you a unique experience of the parks and resorts.  Atmosphere is huge in Walt Disney World, how else can you explain the instant sense of ease and relaxation once you step foot on property?  I know I’m not the only one who could go to Disney for a week, not ride a single attraction, and still have the time of my life.  Sure, this can speak volumes for vast amount of things to do, but I think it also shows that NOTHING needs to be done to enjoy yourself.  A walk down Main Street USA, a stroll down Hollywood Boulevard, or a seat in the France Pavilion are things we all dream of doing when we aren’t visiting.  Due to this amazing atmosphere, it can absorb a seemingly bad weather day.  Not only can it allow you to still enjoy your trip, but it also gives you an entire new experience in the parks and surrounding resorts. Continue after the page break and see why a rainy day at WDW is beats a sunny day at home…

It’s an overcast day and the rain hasn’t come… yet.  Will it? It sure could but enjoy the current weather for what it is.  Back home, no one likes an overcast day.  It puts us in a negative mood when all we really want is a day to enjoy ourselves, but in Walt Disney World, a gloomy day means a new way to look at the parks and resorts.    
Tower of Terror in the perfect setting.

An epic backdrop to Disney's most intimidating Mountain.
Is there a better fit for an overcast day than the Haunted Mansion?
There are so many reasons not to rush out of the parks when the weather isn’t working with you.  Stick around because when most guests head to the exit, the lines for your favorite attractions will be shorter allowing you to get more done!  As soon as the heavy rain subsides, you will have a good hour of low attendance at the park.   Orlando storms are famous for their violent yet quick attacks; wait it out.  Finally, put your Mickey poncho on and enjoy the parks in a completely different way.  The overcast skies mixed in with the light rain allow you to capture some memorable pictures from the newly created atmosphere.

Paris Pavilion after an evening of rain.

A look at a Christmas decorated Magic Kingdom during a light drizzle.
Walt Disney’s Boardwalk glistening following an evening of rain.
I’ve shared my thoughts on Disney at night; a rainy evening takes the atmosphere to a whole new level.

In the parks or not, strong rain can also add to your Disney experience.  Even if the rainfall is too much, it doesn’t mean the rest of your day is ruined. This is when you want to find a nice spot to have a couple of drinks and get some food. On our most recent trip, my family and I headed over to Rainforest Café in Downtown Disney for a late dinner and some drinks.  Due to the long wait inside the restaurant, we sat out in the Lava Lounge.  While sitting on the deck we were treated to a light rain eating right next to the water.  We ended up staying longer than we had originally intended just because of the great atmosphere.  A relatively quiet Rainforest Café (rare, I know) and beautiful views of a soaked Downtown Disney was a perfect way to end our first night in Walt Disney World.


The Lava Lounge offers a great view overlooking Village Lake.

The United Kingdom Pavilion is home to a perfect restaurant to weather (ha) the storm.
The Rose and Crown Pub is a perfect example of a nice spot to hunker down, wait out the storm and grab a pint or two.  Not only does it offer a great atmosphere, tasty food, and a nice beer selection, but the outdoor seating is the main attraction here.  Getting to enjoy everything Rose and Crown has to offer all while taking in a storm over World Showcase Lagoon makes this an ideal spot.
The outdoor seating area at The Rose and Crown Pub.

I’m such a fan of the ambiance the Disney World Resort offers to its guests.  It’s the first thing I miss when I’m not down there and the first thing I fall back in love with when I’m visiting again.  I truly feel I can be down there for a week without riding one attraction and I would have an incredible time.  No matter what the weather is when you’re visiting, soak everything in!  Stop, look around and marvel at the detail all around you.  Never write off a poor weather day; look at it as a new experience.  After all, you’re in Disney World and a terrible day in Disney is better than any day at home.  So enjoy the rain and overcast skies!  They can add to the beauty of the parks.  Oh, and if you’re lucky and wait out the storm, you may be left with something like this:

Find me a happier picture.

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