Sunday, May 4, 2014

Save the Polynesian Resort Waterfall

I have created a petition to stop the removal of the Polynesian Resort waterfall and need your help spreading the word. Walt Disney World president George Kalogridis announced recently that the Polynesian Resort will be refurbished to accommodate the Disney Vacation Club expansion project. Because of the increased traffic in the lobby the iconic centerpiece of waterfalls, pools and exotic flora will be removed. The removal of this beautiful centerpiece would be catastrophic for many resort guests and this petition is to let management realize the connection we all have with it in hopes that they will reconsider their design and create a new one that incorporates the existing waterfall centerpiece of the resort. Continue after the page break for more information...

Many are simply devastated upon realizing that something that is so important to the resort and their memories will be removed. Here are just a few comments taken from Facebook:
"Where is the thumbs down button?! We took photos of my brother and family there right before he got married over at the Boardwalk. Later we came back special to take photos of him and his new bride. It’s such a shame that they are changing this."
"I am very disappointed that WDW is taking out the iconic waterfall and garden feature of the Polynesian. It brings back such great childhood memories of staying there throughout the 70′s and 80′s while growing up. To this day nothing makes me feel at home at Disney like the smell of that lobby. It is nice to know that WDW is going back to the original name, and also doing some much needed updating to certain areas. Wish they could leave our waterfall alone though."
"The waterfall in the lobby and the one just outside are the best features of that hotel. It’s a shame that they would throw away something so iconic."

Removing the waterfall from the lobby is like removing Cinderella castle from the Magic Kingdom. There are many with the opinion that the tropical waterfalls in the lobby makes the hotel feel ‘Polynesian’ and that it is the centerpiece of the resort. Several people visit the resort during their stay at other WDW resorts just to see it and be reminded of their childhood. We always schedule a breakfast during our trips there specifically for that waterfall as I know others do. If they do move forward with its removal, there well be many sad and disappointed guests. One can only hope that this petition will open the eyes of Disney management so that they will reconsider this change. If you feel the same way please sign and share this petition and lets save Disney's Polynesian Resort waterfall together! Please sign the petition here.


  1. When signing the petition, I likened the Poly with the water feature to the MK without Cinderella Castle. When I just read this blog post, I saw the same thing mentioned. It definitely shows how strongly many of us feel about this drastic change to the lobby.

  2. I am deeply sad by this.

  3. Destruction of the waterfall was a massive mistake. I live 3 hours away, and always went to the Poly to be around that tropical oasis, but as far as I'm concerned the corporate bean counters ruined the magic by removing the indoor waterfall. I haven't been back to Disney since 2014 and I won't go back unless they get some sense and return the waterfalls!