Monday, May 26, 2014

Disney Avenue Welcomes Lindsey Allmon

Disney Avenue is very excited to welcome our newest contributing writer Lindsey Allmon! She has several interesting articles lined up for you and we are thrilled to have Lindsey be apart of the Disney Avenue community. Please continue after the page break and allow Lindsey to introduce herself...

Hello Disney fanatics! My name is Lindsey Allmon and I’m one of your new contributing writers! I am a great lover of all things Disney and have been from the moment I was born. I’m eager to share my knowledge of Disney with all of you, but before I do that, let me introduce myself. I’m twenty one years old and hail from a suburb just southwest of Columbus, Ohio. Recently I graduated with my Bachelor of Arts in English from The Ohio State University (donning a Disney quote on my cap, no less) with hopes of becoming a screenwriter. My hobbies include reading, baking, singing obnoxiously loud in my car and shower, perfecting my Pinterest boards, and watching movies. In addition to that, I’m planning my Tangled and Paperman themed wedding to my wonderful fiancé, Colby.

As far as my Disney history goes, my first trip was before I was a year old and I have made a trip nearly every year since, both as a basic family vacation and as a performer during Magic Music Days and the Magic Kingdom parade prior to the fireworks spectacular Wishes. I’ve been through countless park changes and stayed at approximately 10 different Disney Hotels. I could go on and on about my time at Disney, but I thought it best just to give you some tidbits to give you an idea of what I love about Disney.

My favorite character of all time is Maleficent. As a general rule I tend to love villains the most as they have some of the best lines, and who can resist a diabolical laugh?

My favorite Disney movie is easily Mary Poppins. When I was little all I wanted to watch was Mary Poppins over and over again, and as I’ve gotten older I’ve realized the perfection that is Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke.

My favorite Disney Park is the World Showcase section of Epcot. I love traveling and the World Showcase is a great way to experience so many different cultures at once. Fun Fact: Every year my parents buy me an oyster at the Japan Pavilion. The pearls from these oysters have all been saved and will be strung into a necklace that I will wear on my wedding day.

My favorite ride is Splash Mountain. I measured myself every week for months leading up to our trip to make sure that I could ride. However I definitely have a least favorite in the now replaced Alien Encounter. I went once and refused to ever sit through it again.

Well, there you have it. I bit about me and my love for Disney. I hope that I can give everyone great advice about navigating Disney and some great insider info about the history of the company and the parks. Look forward to writing for you all soon. So long, folks!
Lindsey's first article will be available for your reading pleasure tomorrow; be sure to check back then. We are still looking for a couple more writers to join Disney Avenue. If you are also passionate about Disney and the theme parks and have an interest in sharing your thoughts then Disney Avenue would love to have you join our team. You can contact us at Oh, and don't forget to like us on Facebook. 

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