Sunday, June 12, 2016

Exploring Walt Disney World's All-Star Sports Resort

By Genevieve Roberts

Thinking about staying at one of Disney's All-Star Resorts? You will definitely want to consider getting in the game at Walt Disney World's All-Star Sports. This resort can get overlooked in the world of fancier Disney resorts. It may not have the spa of The Grand Floridian or have a monorail that runs through it like the Contemporary, but it sure has a ton of fun to offer at a great price. Let's explore Walt Disney World's All-Star Sports Resort in today's new article by Disney Avenue contributing writer Genevieve Roberts...

All of Disney's All-Star Resorts have the same basic look and shape. They consist of one main building with the All-Star name in front, a gift shop, cafeteria, small lobby, and an arcade. The lobby here at Disney's All-Star Sports Resort is filled with sports artifacts. You can easily spend an hour just looking around... 

You can't go anywhere on Walt Disney World property without running into a gift shop. Disney's All-Star Sports is no exception. The gift shop isn't huge but it has everything you could possibly want. Most souvenirs will be Walt Disney World generic ones, but you can find some postcards, pins, and items that are resort specific, which make great collectors items. It's always nice to bring home something from where you stayed. Collecting a pin from every resort you have stayed at is always a fun idea. All of Disney's All-Stars Resorts have food courts instead of large restaurants. You'll find the average theme park foods there. Things like hamburgers, salads, and grab-and-go items. 

Walt Disney World is known for their resort pools. They are fun, inventive and always huge. This resort has two main pools. One is called Surfboard Bay Pool and the other is called Grand Slam Pool.  The surfing themed pool is a 471-gallon swimming pool. There is also a kiddie pool beside it for the little ones in your family. When our picture was taken the pool was closed for cleaning but normally the pool is packed with guests. The pools can get very busy and guests should always pay close attention to their children. One can never be too safe.

The Grand Slam Pool is shaped like a baseball diamond and the entire area is baseball themed. There are some bleachers, pitchers mound and baseballs everywhere. The hotel rooms are separated in numerous themed area; Home Run Hotel, Touchdown!, Surfs Up!, Center Court, and Hoops Hotel. 

The Hoops Hotel has huge basketballs and basketball hoops covering each level of the three level building. There are also huge whistles that make perfect photo opportunities. It's a super fun section. 

The Center Court has a huge tennis court in the courtyard. It's a fantastic place to take pictures because it has statues of some of your favorite characters like Donald Duck. The only issue with this section is Disney holds numerous cheerleading competitions and many teams choose to practice their routines in this section. It can get crowded and loud during these times.

The Surfs Up section is located around the Surfboard Bay and Kiddie Pool. This section is convenient because it's close to the main building but can be very loud at times due to the pool and all the foot traffic.

The Touchdown section is the complete opposite because it's off to the side in a quieter section. If your children play football or if your family is football fans (Go Auburn!), this is the section for you. It has a huge football field courtyard, huge helmets for photos and flags of your favorite teams. You have to see this place if you're a football fan. 

Disney's All-Star Sports Resort is a great place to stay if you have children. It might not have all the bells and whistles of the deluxe hotels, but your children can run around and have a fantastic time. No stuffiness here, just good times and great memories.


Genevieve is a freelance writer who splits her time between Ottawa Canada, and Orlando Florida. She is a true Disney geek at heart, and her favorite moments are spent enjoying the parks with her Disney nerd husband. Come adventure in the parks with her in our Walk in the Park articles of Walt Disney World.

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