Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Making of Disneyland's Indiana Jones Adventure (Video)

By Keith Mahne

There is only one place in the United States where guests can join Indiana Jones for an adventure of a lifetime. That place is Disneyland. Wouldn't you love to to see how this beloved attraction was made? Well here is your chance! Back in 1995, the Disney Company released a special television program all about the creation of the ride. Hosted by Michael Eisner and starring familiar faces like John Rhys-Davies and Karen Allen, this special allowed us to hear directly from Imagineers like Tony Baxter about how the attraction came to life. They sure don't make TV specials like this anymore. So friends, if you'd like to see how the magic was made, join us for this special presentation of The Making of Disneyland's Indiana Jones Adventure...

(For your viewing pleasure, please be sure to pause the Disney Avenue Music Player prior to playing the video below.)


Keith Michael Mahne is the owner and editor of Disney Avenue and the host of the Disney Avenue Podcast. He has made countless trips to the Walt Disney World resort since his first trip in 1989 at the age of four. Keith has a strong passion and respect for Walt Disney, the parks and resorts, and the men and women who help create them. He started Disney Avenue as a way to inform and entertain readers and to repay all those who make dreams come true every day.

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  1. I've been looking everywhere for this old special in the Indiana ride. I remembered watching it back when and have been dying to see it again but only could find small clips. Thanks so much for this!!