Thursday, June 11, 2015

A Walk in the Park: Disneyland Edition - Disneyland 60th Celebration is Here!

By Daisy Sparks

After a much anticipated and very well attended 24-hour party, the Disneyland Diamond Celebration is here. Both Disneyland and Disney California Adventure are now fully decked out in the blue, white, silver, and diamonds. Sleeping Beauty Castle and The Carthay Circle are now adorned with their diamond medallions. Let's take a look at all the beautiful 60th decorations in this week's Walk in the Park article...

This Diamond Celebration is a big deal. Here are some highlights. Let’s start with the Disneyland Diamond Days. This is their daily big sweepstakes. 

You need the daily word to enter. These signs are posted as you enter through the security. 

You can enter to win this diamond shoe that is on display at the Disneyana store.


As you walk down Main Street USA, you get the feeling that there is a big party underway. The buildings have the festive bunting and the light posts have the diamond D badges. If you go inside the store, they have all kinds of celebration décor, too.

Here is a fun throwback. You may have seen vintage Disneyland photos at this location with flowers. Such a treat to see these floral carts back on Main Street. 


You will be overwhelmed at the amount of Disneyland Diamond Celebration merchandise. There is something for every age, every kind of taste, and all kinds of price range. Visit THIS PAGE to get a good idea of the merchandise offerings and collections. Here are some photos to give you a very small sampling. 


According to a recent Disneyland press release, there are special photo locations to commemorate the Celebration.

"Imagine posing for a photo as if you were scaling up the Matterhorn, standing in the mouth of Grizzly Peak, or holding on to your hats and glasses on the wildest ride in the wilderness. Now imagine that this photo looks like a vintage Disneyland postcard…with a magical twist. Each Diamond Celebration Photo Spot features a new take on forced perspective, and when you capture the moment with Disney PhotoPass service you will soon be able to download amazing bonus content - including animated elements that appear alongside you, adding to your story."

“Four Diamond Celebration Photo Spots are in place for you to discover within both parks, inspired by the Matterhorn Bobsleds, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, California Screaming’ and Grizzly Peak. Two more will arrive in time for Disneyland’s anniversary date. Capture dazzling moments in the Happiest Place on Earth that will be treasured for years to come. ” My husband and daughter were good sports to join me at the Matterhorn photo op.

Speaking of the Matterhorn, the new show elements are a great addition to this classic Disneyland attraction. Harold, the resident Abominable Snowman, has returned with a new look and fierce roar. He’s pretty awesome!


There are all kinds of sweet and slushy food offerings. Cupcakes, cookies, and candies are all options with special diamond decorations on them. 

Beverage offerings can be found in concoctions like the Pomegranate Silver Sparkler or a Monstro Blue Lemonade. There are even specialty cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks at certain locations where they have glowing collectible “diamonds” in your drinks.  The most popular of all special food offerings seems to be these much talked about popcorn buckets. They are very popular and much in demand.


Finally, I think what is really bringing people to Disneyland are the 3 new nighttime shows that debuted on May 22nd. I am not going to give it away with photos. It’s also hard to capture nighttime magic. You’ll have to come to Disneyland to experience these new shows. 

Over at Disney California Adventure, “The World of Color – Celebrate! The Wonderful World of Walt Disney” is a tribute to Walt Disney and his dreams. It’s a fabulous night show complete with music, lights, and more projected onto huge water screens. This new show celebrates Walt’s beginnings with Mickey Mouse and the Disneyland story. It’s a must-see if you are a Disney Avenue fan. 

At Disneyland a brand new nighttime parade and fireworks show is finally here. They are both spectacular. The LED technology, new floats, and music are combined perfectly in this new parade. “Paint the Night” is cheerful and the music incorporates the famous Electrical Parade sound. The new fireworks show, “Disneyland Forever” dazzles in the sky and on the ground. With screen projections in targeted places, you’ll sometimes feel that your surroundings become part of the fireworks show. Again, you’ll just have to come experience it for yourself.

No announcement has been made about how long the Diamond Celebration offerings and shows will last but it seems everyone has heard about it and wants to experience it. It’s been super busy everyday since the Celebration kick-off and I think it will be this way until after the winter holidays. Rumor is that it should be around for at least a year or more. Disneyland’s 60th anniversary date is July 17th so who knows what else will be added to the Celebration.  There is more Disneyland Diamond Celebration happenings that I didn’t get a chance to show you. I’ll be sharing more Celebration stuff leading up to the actual anniversary. You can feel the excitement and energy at Disneyland these days. It’s 60 years strong and still delivering magical experiences for all ages.


Daisy Sparks grew up in Southern California and Disneyland was a regular part of her life. While in college, she started working at Disneyland as a Main Street Merchandise Host. Her "college job" led to 12 adventurous years working with Mickey Mouse. She was a trained Magic Demonstrator, Hat Writer and was even signed off as a Disneyland Monorail Ride Operator. Daisy loved every minute of it while she held various management positions in Merchandise, Business Operations and Attractions. 

Daisy is married to her college sweetheart, David (a former Jungle Cruise Skipper). David solicited Daisy's Duck's help in memorable engagement proposal that took place at Disneyland's Club 33. Daisy left Disneyland in May 2001 to raise her two daughters. She continues to visit the Disneyland Resort multiple times a week as a Guest. Daisy particularly loves the Disneyland heritage because of all of the little details and stories that make it "the happiest place on earth."

You can read more about Daisy's Disneyland adventures over on her personal blog at DisneyDaze .

You can find all of Daisy's articles here.

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