Thursday, February 5, 2015

A Walk in the Park: WDW Edition - Peter Pan's Flight Queue

By Krista Joy

Peter Pan's Flight has been a favorite attraction of many Walt Disney World fans since 1971. The bathrooms near Peter Pan's Flight closed when the Tangled facilities began construction in New Fantasyland, and since that time, we have been anticipating a new interactive (air-conditioned) queue. Personally, I am beyond thrilled that it has finally been completed and can't wait to share it with all of you! Join us on this week's A Walk in the Park article as we take a closer look at the new Peter Pan's Flight queue enhancements...

You begin just outside the Darling's home. According to Big Ben - it's right around tea time - 4pm to be exact. You visit Nana, and see the rooftops of London. Next, you go down the hall passed portraits of the family. You really start to get a feeling of being inside the home. The ceilings are nice and low - and there is plenty of crown molding and other details that make you feel like Wendy, John, and Michael may have just stepped outside for a moment.

You go down the hall to travel through the nursery, pass the cabinet full of toys, and music from the movie plays softly all along the way. You encounter magical shadows, Tinker Bell, and even get sprinkled with "pixie dust" lighting that is absolutely beautiful and amazing. Look for all the tiny hidden details that Disney is famous for! The calendar on the wall says December 1901 - which also happens to be the month and year that Walt Disney himself was born.

I hope you enjoy these photos and videos - and if you're like me - the next time you visit Walt Disney World - seeing a wait time in the double or even triple digits won't seem like such a challenge when it comes to Peter Pan's flight!

As we come to the conclusion of this week's Walk in the Park article, here is a playlist containing 4 little videos I took in order to give you a better idea of the effects. See you in the parks!

- Krista

Krista Joy is a former Disney cast member, current head author at and a co-host for the Disney Parks Podcast. She was born, raised, and has never lived any where else but in the heart of Orlando Florida. Not knowing what it’s like to be away from Walt Disney World for very long – the magic has truly become a part of who she is. Krista’s Disney dream is to bring magic and fun to the every day lives of her fellow Disney fans – while sharing some laughs along the way. She is very grateful to Keith and the team at for helping her to make this dream a reality! You can read more about Krista at

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