Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Walk in the Park: Disneyland Edition

By Daisy Sparks

Editor's Note: We are thrilled to welcome Daisy Sparks, our new contributing writer for the second edition of Disney Avenue's A Walk in the Park segments. Last week we ventured to Walt Disney World and today we'll take a walk in Disneyland to enjoy some of the Halloween décor. I'd like to give a big THANK YOU to Daisy and I'm certain all of you will enjoy these new weekly segments here on Disney Avenue. Enjoy your Walk in the Park!

Keith Mahne

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The Disney Resort Enhancement Team really goes all out during the Halloween season. From the large Disney Character pumpkin heads that greet you at the entrance to the seasonal bunting that adorn Main Street, U.S.A., the decorations let you know that Halloween has arrived at the Disneyland Resort.

Several years ago, The Disney Parks Blog featured the Disney Resort Enhancement team hard at work carving pumpkins in this video:

The Main Street jack-o-lanterns demonstrate the typical Disney flair for detail. The jack-o-lanterns that are placed inside the window displays coordinate with the theme of the location. For example, at The China Closet, there is a pumpkin carved in the shape of Mrs. Potts (from Beauty & the Beast) that smiles through the window. Over by the Main Street Opera House, you will find a jack-o-lantern complete with a top hot next to the Abe Lincoln bust. My favorite are the pumpkins that are decorated as a tribute to the Dapper Dans.

The Main Street jack-o-lanterns typically go away right after Halloween to make room for Christmas decorations. So there is a limited time if you want to see them in person. If you can’t get to Disneyland, I’ve created a gallery of some of the best jack-o-lanterns in their night time setting right here at Disney Avenue for you...

Located in the windows outside the exit of Mr. Lincoln - Main Street Opera House

These jack-o-lanterns sit on top of the Carnation Garden area.

Found on top of the Disney Clothiers, Ltd.

Found in the windows next to the Main Street Opera House.

This jack-o-lantern sits inside the Elias Disney window.

These cute jack-o-lanterns decorate some of the windows alongside the Emporium. Love that they compliment to the theme of each window.


Two of the jack-o-lanterns that are located in the windows above the Emporium side entrance.

The jack-o-lanterns located on the Mad Hatter sign are decorated with an assortment of themed hats.

These are the ginormous character jack-o-lanterns that greet the guest as they enter through the Disneyland turnstiles.

The Main Street lamps are all decorated with this Mickey Mouse pumpkin head complete with Halloween foliage, sign and bunting.

This is the jack-o-lantern that is located inside the window of the China Closet.

These jack-o-lanterns are located outside the 20th Century Music Company.

Look up and above all the stores on Main Street and you will see a variety of jack-o-lanterns.

Partners statue is surrounded by many jack-o-lanterns with Disney character carvings.

Several of the Disney character pumpkin carvings that surround the Partners statue during Halloween Time at Disneyland.

You can read more about Daisy's Disneyland adventures over on her personal blog at DisneyDaze .


  1. I was just there and focused on my little grandchildren, totally missed the jack-o-lanterns! Thanks for giving me a chance to enjoy them.

  2. A big THANK YOU, Keith, for letting me share some Disneyland adventures with you and DisneyAvenue.