Thursday, June 12, 2014

Maybe a Fifth Gate for Walt Disney World Won't Be a Theme Park…

By Sam Vlas

A couple of days ago I was browsing another excellent site about themed entertainment design “Entertainment Designer” and I came across an article about a future theme park in Pleasant Grove in Utah. It’s called “Evermore” and it’s everything but a normal theme park. I immediately thought that this new kind of park would be excellent for a Fifth Gate. Curious? Continue after the page break…

“Evermore” is, according to the owner, an adventure park. You can regard it as one big outdoor theatre play that you step into. The back story of Evermore takes place in Victorian England and features six big themed areas where different parts of the story are played out. There is a rural village, a forest, a factory, a small town and some other areas. Each area is home to a wide array of characters, who can tell stories about the area that there in or of a major event that is affecting the greater world. There are a few big attractions (mainly story-based, like dark rides) but they’re not the focus of this park. I highly recommend you to check this project out.

As I was reading the description, something occurred to me. Maybe, if a Fifth Gate to Walt Disney World actually gets built, it wouldn’t be a traditional theme park, but rather an “adventure park”. The story possibilities are practically endless. Some random ideas that just pop up in my head:

·         A large chunk of remote jungle with a large temple in the center. You (along with a small group of other people) are escorted into the temple, but then your tour guide disappears. You have to cooperate with the other people to solve puzzles, explore the temple and its grounds and find a way back to the camp. Maybe this can be the ultimate Indiana Jones experience that Walt Disney World deserves.

·         You come across a small village where a tragic event caused the disappearance of everyone living in it. It is up to you to search for clues and solve the mysteries. Some Sherlock Holmes-type stuff going on here.

·         On Imagineering Disney, I found another great concept for such an adventure park. A time travelling adventure that takes all evening and includes dining as well, called “The Villa Tempus”. You can find it here:


There are so many different types of experiences present in Walt Disney World and if they really want to be on the cutting edge of the themed entertainment industry, I really hope they would consider a (albeit higher priced) new type of experience; something that takes you on a “real” adventure with a beginning, middle and end. This type of innovation in entertainment can really put Walt Disney World on the map again, after the Harry Potter-frenzy of the nearby Universal Studio’s.

What do you think? Is there room in Walt Disney World for an “adventure park”? Maybe there’s an other type of experience that you would like to see? Elaborate in the comments.

 Until next time, adventurers!
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