Saturday, July 12, 2014

Disney Avenue Podcast - Show #1 - Tim Delaney Interview

The Disney Avenue Podcast is honored and thrilled to join the MiceChat family. The podcast is brand new and will feature intriguing insights, interviews and opinions with top Imagineers and other popular figures in the Disney stratosphere on a monthly basis. Continue after the page break for more...

We couldn’t think of a better guest to kick off the show than former Imagineer and just all around great guy, Tim Delaney. In this inaugural episode of the Disney Avenue Podcast, Dusty Sage, founder and CEO of, joins host Keith Michael Mahne for a wonderfully in-depth interview with one of WDI’s best. The guys discuss Tim’s career, his interactions with former CEOs E. Cardon Walker, Ron Miller and Michael Eisner, as well as, John Hench, Marty Sklar and Frank Wells. Tim talks a bit about his role in the BBC documentary Shoot for the Moon, his opinions on Universal’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter, his sudden exit from WDI, and so much more. Enjoy...

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The Disney Avenue Podcast would like to thank Geren Piltz and Brian Vermillion for their contributions to this show!


  1. A couple of years late - but I was really glad to browse into this site and Tim's interview.

    I started my all-too-short time, as a Walt Disney Imagineer, working under Tim, on the DiscoveryLand side, and what you heard was the Tim I remember, always a great attitude, not to mention his enviable Design & Illustration skils. Thanks for posting this.


    1. Thanks Andrew, Tim is such a great guy and so humble. I was honored to interview him on our very first show and lucky to keep in touch with him since. WDI was better off when he was still there, that's for sure. Thanks for listening.