Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Bring the Smell of Disney's Polynesian Resort to Your Home

One of the very first things to greet you as you walk into Disney's Polynesian Resort is that magical smell. You know the one I'm talking about! That tropical, fruity fragrance is heaven on earth. Smells like these can transport us back to powerful and emotional memories from the past more effectively than any of the 5 senses. Any die-hard Disney fan knows that Disney "smells" play a huge role in our nostalgic love of the Parks and Resorts. If you are like me, you've wondered time and time again how to bring the smell of this magical resort home. Well friends, wonder no more because today I'm going to fill you in on how you can bring the smell of Disney's Polynesian Resort to your humble abode...

Please Note: Orders placed today will not ship until August 21st.

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If the beauty and detail of a Disney resort isn’t enough, the resorts have a unique and distinct scent that, from the moment you walk in the door, hits your nose and you become instantly happier, as if a puff of pixie dust just smacked you upside the head...which usually happens when I enter the Polynesian Resort. Certain smells can be extremely powerful mood enhancers and the clever folks at Disney know exactly which ones will have you feeling like you are “home". Although I adore all of the Disney resort lobby scents, the Polynesian Resort is one of my absolute favorites.

The fragrance that fills Disney's Polynesian Resort, the one that seems to trigger some serious feelings of nostalgia and joy every time I enter, smells like pineapple, tropical fruit, and mango. There is also a touch of ginger, which helps to keep the scent clean and grounded. The good folks at The Columbia Fragrance Co. have recreated the magical "smell" of the resort to perfection and it's called "Polynesian Paradise"...

I can tell you with 100% certainty (as my own candle is burning right beside me as I write this) that they got it right and WOW are my endorphin's kicking! The thing I love most about these candles is the fact that when I close my eyes, I could swear to you that I was sitting in the lobby of the Polynesian Resort right this moment with a tropical drink from the Tambu Lounge in hand and a lei around my neck.

The Columbia Fragrance Co. calls this fragrance "Polynesian Paradise" and it comes in a variety of ways. A 12oz or 8oz candle, oil, body spray, room spray (which I love), tea lights and breakaway melts...

So friends, if you'd like to bring the smell of Disney's Polynesian Resort to your own home, click the button below and be prepared to get transported to one of Walt Disney World's most beloved resorts...

You can also read about the "Walt's Wonderful World" fragrance, which is the name of the scent found in Disney resorts such as the Contemporary and the Grand Floridian, by clicking here. Take joy in knowing that, whether you grab a candle for yourself or any Disney fan in your family, you will now be able to bring the magical smell of Disney's Polynesian Resort to your home.

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  1. OMG!!! I cannot wait until my candle arrives!!! I have been searching for a way to bring that wonderful smell of the Poly home. We have been staying at the resort since I was a kid and I ask myself every time I go how I can bring that smell home with me. I am so excited that I can now do that. You guys are the best and thank you so much for bringing this to my attention. Can I get a discount for bulk orders because I have a feeling I'm going to need it LOL

  2. Finding this article has just made my day. I have been searching for years to find the smell of the Polynesian resort and bring it home. My search is over thanks to Disney Avenue. Can't wait until these candles show up to my front door. Thank you

  3. I ordered the "Walt's Wonderful World" candle when you guys released it awhile back and absolutely LOVE it!! I order one a month. They smell exactly like the Contemporary Resort lobby and now I can't wait until this new Polynesian scent arrives. What a great idea and way for Disney fans to bring the smell of their favorite Disney resort home.

  4. We stay at the Poly every year and love the smell of the resort. I just bought 5 candles and the room spray. I'm going to give a few of them to my son for his birthday next month to remind him of our family trips. He is going to love this gift! Thanks so much for sharing. Big fan of the site.

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